Day 32 Ta da!!! Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Labyrinth

Wow, my last day of my “Angelic Recipe”! (Until the next one…tomorrow!)

Of course I got 32 days “assigned” to me, rather than 30 days. LOL, maybe it is like baking a cake in high altitude and the recipe needs adjusting for where you live/where you are currently vibrating! Just gotta trust!

Ok, so my intention is assimilation and integration of all that has been offered to me over the last month of this journey… always connection…always seeing the highest good possible and gratitude.

The music begins and I sense I am a bit chilled and want to cross my legs to snuggle in…there is a blanket near by but, I don’t want to stop to get it…my head band is bothering me…I take it off…my alarm goes off on my phone to remind me to pick up my daughter early…I have to/choose to get up as it will not stop unless I manually do it…I am not that “good” at letting go of continuous distractions during a meditation. Although, as I type that, I am being encouraged to try next time…hmmm.

I get up take care of the alarm and since I am up, I grab the blanket.

I begin again…

I am still a little chilly and put my hands together under the blanket…my ring bothers me…off it goes…sit up straight…breathe in deeply…radiating energy…connection.

God I love this.

Like super charging my battery, which is funny, as my car didn’t start this morning. Random thought as I type.

I am very aware of my house being full of light beings, they are everywhere. As I look remotely through my home they are everywhere and even look like they are going through stuff…very curious.

I make a statement that here on earth that would be rude to do. Ha!  It is explained that what I am seeing is in fact many beings observing my life as an agreed way of learning and expanding.

It would be like me turning on the Discovery channel to learn about something and expanding my knowledge. It wouldn’t be rude; it is a normal way that we on Earth share knowledge and experiences in “far off lands” that we may never actually get to in this lifetime.

Big breath as I take that in.

The beings fill the house…it would be like having a large party and people are even sitting on your counters!

Gee, glad I am so interesting!


Next thing I remember is being guided from a very upright position to incrementally sitting back all the way in my chair… I am quickly grateful it is a comfy chair as my head comes to rest.

As I am being guided gently to lay back, I am asked to trust…kind of like a very slow trust fall. Easy to do in a short distance and comfy chair!

I end up with my neck being very stretched out and instantly see a team of “doctors” as I sometimes do when I am doing Reiki. It is odd, but has become also quite normal for me to see…they are energetic surgeons for lack of a better description…

I feel a lot of tingling and itchiness like after my thyroid surgery years ago. Healing is now talking place in this area. I am being shown clearing and preparation for my work in 2012.

At some point it feels complete and I move my chin down more to my chest.

Yikes, my ego is popping in as I write. Thinking about all those who will read this and possible judge…

I strong wave of energy…let it go.


I chuckle at this, because all that may seem weird to some, but too me I would much rather have that “kind of surgery” than what we think of as “modern medicine”. I am thankful of course for modern medicine and use ANY modality that I believe to be supportive in any dis-ease process.

That being said, my prayers and intentions continue to be to bring my visions into manifested form and that means being bolder, doing things bigger, speaking about all that I experience and feel that I feel is worthy of sharing. In answer to those intentions, I believe the angelic answer is to support my throat area and keep it clean and clear which supports my voice of authenticity.

Big breath.

Ok, that feels complete for my meditation.

******This month passed so quickly. The relationship I spoke of on Day 1, has shifted dramatically. I am not the same person and neither is the other person. I have tears of gratitude as I type this.

So Gandhi, “be the change…”

So Michael Jackson, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror…

Everything starts with us.

Everything shifts and changes from the inside out…

Everything can be different because you make it different…

Not from a place of controlling others, but from a place of fiercely insisting on gifting yourself the time to be still and to know you are Divine, to know you are connected and you are worthy and you are Divine inspiration for other beings who are not incarnated and you are part of their expansion!!!!!!

Everything you do, I do, it matters…

Thank you for witnessing this journey. May it inspire you to discover your own “Angelic Recipe”, your own opening, your own greatness!

You are loved more than you know…

“Our journey is to reveal that which already is.”                 

        – Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

PS I was guided to look for a picture under “looking in the mirror”. This one made me laugh…This is exactly what this music is all about…to see the reflection of our true self, what is already within us and that is what I see being represented by this playful picture!

Here’s to the courage to be yourself…the real you!

3 thoughts on “Day 32 Ta da!!! Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Well done! Celebrate! It is occurring to me as I continue my Angelic Recipe that this is really meant to be part of my day to day life, just like exercising and eating well, this meditation nourishes mind, body, and spirit. My ego seems to scream for “air-time” as the insights deepen and the lights brighten. Today I was gifted a very subtle, floating meditation, but then when I went to write about it, that is when the power surfaced – and…wow! Thank you for sharing your experiences! I see common threads and that is really amazing to me!

  2. I love your share Kathleen!

    Common threads are really surfacing as more people share with me. My hopes is that we have more posts from you and others who have jumped in and are doing the work!

    I am loving all of it and love that you are not only taking the time for you, but also supporting all who show up here!!

    With love,

  3. I echo Katheen’s comments as well! Once you start this you never want to stop… The experience varies…. It’s quite the journey!
    I too congratulate you on your first 32 days!!!!! I look forward to your continued posts and I’ve reached my first 30 days and can’t wait to reflect tomorrow!
    You shared with grace and I can’t imagine anyone following this blog making judgements.
    While sharing with my husband last night, he said he was happy I found a community of like minded people and more and more people will be drawn to this forum! I think more and more people will see Reiki, talking to angels and opening chakras as well well as a mutitide of other things once thought of as taboo to be more the norm. You are bringing awareness and that is so needed!
    Your writing shows what a mere 30 (31,32) days with an 11 minute commitment can do for the body, mind, soul and our relationships!
    I too believe our paths will cross 🙂 I get to listen to Symbiotic now….. Or maybe Becoming You…. Nope, I think I’ll loop all three for my day 30 & since I haven’t gotten my meditation in yet…. Awesome way to fall asleep… My intention,to fall asleep and let the beautiful light workers take the wheel!

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