Why I do what I do as a career, as my passion and as the essence of who I am…

Deborah "Atianne" Wilson

I believe we are all miracles.

I believe we are beings of Light /Souls as you say here, to uncover, discover and play in the energy of infinite possibilities of things and experiences that have never been done or experienced or brought forth into this plane of existence ever before.

I believe that each one of us is good and worthy and that there is nothing wrong with us with the exception of what we think is wrong with us.

I believe we chose in.

I believe we were chosen and I believe while we experience this human form we are at choice to choose again.

I believe this struggle and suffering that is experienced is nothing more than not choosing into the true reality of who and what we really are.

I believe we are holy beings.

I believe we all came to find our way back to a place of deep awareness of our collective connection.

I believe this is our awakening.

I believe in our awakening and further revealing of the truth of ourselves is where we remember the vibration of creation, joy, love, forgiveness, health, and wealth.

I believe we knew that we were always on a mission to find our way home.

I believe we knew before we came that this was an illusion.

I believe we thought it would be easy and fun and an adventure.

I believe our soul still sees it this way and the dark to overcome is merely the egoic forces that are ultimately our gift in that they are our greatest opponents.

I believe the egoic nature has been perfectly placed for each of us to meet and subsequently overcome in truly remembering who we are and what we are capable of.

I believe that it is in the knowing of self, in the remembering, it is about being true to the self and trusting the divine connection that we can live fully in our purpose, in our passions and provide even more expansion of light to ourselves, our brothers and sisters and even other dimensions that all encompass the ONE.

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson