Welcome to Oneness Becomes You

Deborah "Atianne" WilsonThe end of 2010 brought a deep knowing that 2011 would be a year of greater spiritual opening and surrender to what wanted to uniquely express itself through me. In the spring of 2011, while in a state of heightened spiritual awareness, Archangel Ardekiel revealed himself to me.

During this revelation, “Oneness Becomes You” were the words this angel spoke to me. Archangel Ardekiel, with precision and clarity, then showed me a moving helix, the word Ascension and a picture of Mark Watson. It was also revealed to me that I was to ask Mark to channel this very specific Angel’s energy, frequencies and intentions. This music was to be manifested in 11 separate compositions of music that were to be 11 minutes in length.

I lovingly call Archangel Ardekiel “bossy” because he told me to contact Mark that day as well to trademark “Oneness Becomes You”.

Archangel Ardekiel showed me an experience that I had in a group in Kona where Mark was presenting his channeled music. During this event, Mark shared that what he thought he was going to present musically was changed in the moment to a different key and frequency that even seemed to surprise Mark. Archangel Ardekiel was helping me to understand that Mark was the perfect individual to connect and collaborate with because of his willingness and obedience to channel Divine music.

I was told this music would be specifically for Ascension. This music, messages and wisdom of Archangel Ardekiel are here to support the shift in consciousness on this planet to a Oneness Consciousness. That which we truly are ~ ONE.

By July, more than ever, I was letting go of much of my current projects and surrendering to what truly and uniquely wanted to express itself through me as Love.

With Mark’s agreement and Archangel Ardekiel’s guidance, more of my personal and business life came into this flow and vibration of change and transformation.

Everything being revealed, was given as a choice, to be made by me. One of Archangel Ardekiel’s greatest reminders to us individually and collectively, is that we are ALWAYS at choice!

As I held a loving space from here in Colorado for Mark’s work in Kona, Archangel Ardekiel guided me to begin writing what he wants all of us to know about his energy, how since 1999, he has been specifically supporting this planet and the Ascension of the Collective Consciousness here.

In working with the music personally and professionally, I have been blown away by all that is continuing to happen in my life. My clients also are amazed and moved by the shifts they are experiencing in their lives and subsequently those around them. Working with this music has proven to my clients and me that when we shift our consciousness, the reality around us also shifts.