Archangel Ardekiel

Archangel Ardekiel’s name means “God’s choice”


Archangel Ardekiel also has a few subtitle’s or nick names, “angel of choice” and “he who chooses God.” His nicknames reveal to us the bridge of connective energy in which we can understand that we are God’s choice and that we are at choice in remembering our own Divinity as we journey in this human experience.

Initially Archangel Ardekiel shared five things with me. The words “Oneness Becomes You,” his name, his eye color, the two times in history when the presence of his energy was amplified to support our collective human experience and his purpose.

Oneness Becomes You first came to me during a moment of complete stillness and deep relaxation while I was in what is called the “Life Vessel.” During this healing modality of sound, light and vibrational frequencies, I relaxed into a state of what I would call Oneness. It is an experience in which you can instantly understand that you are not your body and that you are part of “it all.”

In that moment of “Oneness,” the words “Oneness Becomes You” were spoken to me. It felt like someone was giving me a compliment. The reminder of these words is that when we are in this ascended state of hyper awareness and we are remembering that we are part of the One or the All, we are beautiful.

Of course this is not about the outer aspects of our physical expression, but of course the beauty of who we are, our soul essence.

The secondary and simultaneous meaning of Oneness Becomes You is that in our journey or remembering our journey of ascension, is that You Become Oneness again.

What is interesting is that the more you understand this and live from this Oneness state the more beautiful you do become to others. It really is that glow from the inside out. You radiate the inner Light of who and what you really are and you shine this light as a guide for others to also remember their Oneness.

The second time Oneness Becomes You was spoken to me, I was in the same place and in the same state of being and it was then that I was quickly and precisely given the instructions for bringing forth the channeled music of Archangel Ardekiel for our individual and collective ascension.

Archangel Ardekiel’s name came to me during that second experience. At first the name came as a collection of letters that were all jumbled up and arranging themselves as I watched until they landed in a form I could recognize and pronounce.

On my way home from the second conscious encounter with Archangel Ardekiel, he shared his eye color to me. “My eyes are the color of the Meditteranean Sea,” he said. I would come to realize that those two words would be my confirmation of his presence as I began to recognize the quality of his energy as opposed to many of the other archangels and angels I work with.

There are two times in history that Archangel Ardekiel has revealed to me that his presence was amplified to support our collective good and expansion. One was his Eqyptian connection, and the other came specifically in April of 1999. I will be sharing so much more about these two time periods in my upcoming book. For now know this powerful and loving presence is here to support each and every one of us tip the scales of understanding and living from a place of love rather than fear.

Archangel Ardekiel’s purpose is to support our collective understanding of our Oneness constantly bathing us in unconditional love and reminders of our choice to choose from a place of love.

The following is what Archangel Ardekiel shared with me about this. I have left it in the form as I heard it and typed it ~ run-on sentences and all!

“- like I said to you in the vessel I am here for change and growth and expansion of human development, but ultimately your soul’s journey.

The energy is here and always been here, but what you are feeling is an expansive effect of desire by many to create a peaceful existence on your planet and so we feel this vibration and it is a desire, a request and all requests are answered in Spirit and so it is that we send guards and angels and warriors of the light to protect you from yourself really so that you can see the harmonious truth in every situation and be not afraid as you are returned home to your original knowing of Oneness.

It, you, are all ONE and you keep forgetting and get caught up in reactionary expression and forget that you are always at choice.

Which leads me to my job, which is to bring a strong alliance of various people, places, things and events that culminate in many of you. In your hearts being uplifted universally so that you choose more often each and every moment in this human journey to create truly what you came here to do and acknowledge your wholeness in the whole, your part in the big scheme of things and how gorgeous each and everyone of you really is NOW.” 
~ Archangel Ardekiel