Oneness Becomes You™ Experiences

“Archangel Ardekiel and his music have brought the opportunity for deep growth and transformation.”
“Each musical offering allowed me as a listener to open up to a new aspect of myself. Throughout my time listening to the music and engaging with Ardekiel I have felt like I was riding a roller coaster full of humor, love, care, growth and tremendous change. This archangel is not for the faint of heart, however as I have learned throughout this process, I am never given more than I can handle, and I can handle much more than I ever thought possible.”

~ Marika R. Boulder, CO


“Thank you for sharing your newly channeled music for meditation with us all at last night’s group.”
“As you know, I am not one who has had any success at meditation. I just haven’t got it. So I simply have not done it except when I have been at your various groups and classes, which I certainly have enjoyed and benefited from on many levels.

But, during the last two groups, these meditations have been kicked up a notch with the addition of the channeled music you have added. I think all who were there would agree that miracles are possible and I was certainly deeply touched by this.

My personal work with this music has been nothing short of surprising to me. I have actually been able to meditate almost daily. It has brought me comfort and insight into my life AND seems to be an instrument, which is increasing my intuition into my consciousness and shifting my reality. Who is this person I say to myself. It seems almost too easy.

“How do I begin to share the depth of this music to my heart?”
“I hear all the birds in the music, I hear the wind, I feel love…PURE LOVE from Archangel Ardekiel. He is helping me to love myself fully. I feel so free and creative when I listen. My work with the music makes me feel like I can move forward in my life, and that my life has purpose.

I listen to this music all day, in my home, my car, as I drift to sleep at night for comfort, to challenge myself or to find my creativity. I have had the music playing in the background and others have inquired about it…and the effect it has had on them.

This music is so amazingly helpful for me on my path…

So, thank you Archangel Ardekiel and Deborah “Atianne” for giving me the gift of knowing myself through you.”

~ Christine Ann Berry, Boulder, CO


“I feel supported, and full of love and joy.”
“I’ve been working with Deborah for a couple of years and more recently with a new angelic being, Ardekiel, who she introduced me to. This work has come, when the time was right for more healing and expansion into a fuller, more true aspect of myself. The sounds of Ardekiel, in particular the two tracks I’ve listened to so far – Infinity and Awakening, have been a supportive part of my practice in these last few weeks. The Infinity track provided the nudges to explore this next step in my journey. Now while working with the Awakening track in my meditation, I feel the music guides me into some of the deeper recesses, where I find new nuggets of truth. My first impression, when I listened to Awakening, was that the music was gently re-wiring me. This re-wiring is just the most recent un-scheduled maintenance I’ve gone in for and I’m happy to have some new tools. I feel supported, and full of love and joy.”

~ In great appreciation, B in Boulder, CO


“I am still in awe of the whole experience and profoundly grateful for Deborah’s compassion and skill.”
“For twenty years, since reading the book Many Lives, Many Masters, I have wanted to explore the possibility of any “carry-over” issues in my life from a past life, but have never been able to access that energy or get my own ego out of the way. I had tried regressive hypnotherapy twice with two different, very reputable therapists back then, and had just decided I did not have that capability.

Immediately after listening to a session of Ardekiel’s gift of music to Deborah, and through her expert guidance, I was transported to a very real memory of a past life, that brought instant tears to my eyes and an understanding of an issue that was operating very subtly in my life today.

I am still in awe of the whole experience, and profoundly grateful for Deborah’s compassion and skill in creating a safe container for me to gain a deeper understanding of myself, and in that understanding, to release old emotional energy that was serving me no longer!”

~ Brooke Weathers


“My stomach pain was not just better, it was completely gone.”
“After many years as a wellness provider, I have heard countless stories from my clients of their spiritual experiences but never had one of my own.

When I received my session from Deborah, I had begun falling to sleep to the first sound track and felt I was sleeping more deeply, buy didn’t notice more than that. Deborah then said we were going to do some special work with the music, which I was open to, but didn’t know what, if anything, to expect. She asked me to close eyes and keep my senses open.

After a minute or so I felt something brush my arm followed by a very light touch on my shoulder. My first thought was to question how Deborah had crossed the wood floors to step behind me without making a sound! I opened my eyes slightly and could see Deborah still sitting in the chair across from me, yet I continued to feel a presence at my side.

My stomach had really been bothering me for several days. Suddenly it felt like there was a jackhammer in my abdomen, opening up blocked passages.

By the time the music had finished, my stomach pain was not just better, it was completely gone. I felt so grateful to have had that experience, it was such a special day for me as I was truly touched by an “angel”. With such gratitude”

~ Pamela


“Deborah is the real deal!!! She is compassionate, and passionate about sharing her insights.”
“If you are looking to step up your game or make changes in your life – the best thing you can do for yourself is listen to her radio show and begin working with the ANGELIC MUSIC. If you want change in YOUR LIFE, say yes and get it done!!”

~ B.H.


“Completed a Recipe this morning with ‘The Love Letter’ – ahhhhhhh is how I feel!”
“I am continually inspired by the shifts that occur with this music. You can take anything to the music, take any issue into a meditation, intend for pure healing while listening – and it magically, miraculously happens. Sometimes shifts bring up the contrast that is an ingredient in life – the music is there to support. Some days are more fluid and feel easier – the music is there to hold a space of celebration. To me, the music and the Recipes hold the hope of living in balance and peace. I love these 11 musical minutes of my day! And I am beyond grateful how much this discipline has supported the massive shifts I have experienced the past 10 months!”

~ K.M.