Day 17 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


Relax everyone and let go of meditation having to look, feel and be any certain way.

The entire point of meditation is allow you to get into even a few moments of pure alignment with the source energy that you are.


From these moments, even if they are fleeting or ore held for longer periods of time, are what allows you to more of you in each and every moment of the day. You are love and joy and peace and understanding and compassion and happiness and so on.

Meditation gets you there whether you have some out of body wild big movie screen connection or whether you get some practical knowledge to allow ease and grace in your life…

…especially if the kids want cereal and there is no milk…read on to the feedback from me to Justin to get what I mean…

To the practical in your Spiritual and Wealthy Life!

Deborah “Atianne” WIlson

From Justin:

Sunday, August 05, 2012 (Labyrinth):

Today I’ll be lying on our bed, supported by pillows, wearing my medicine bag, and listening using my phone and earbuds. I have a very slight headache today.

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard: To open any blocked energy channels within my body.

Day 17 Afterward:
The slight headache is still present, but feels even less so.

This session started off with much monkey-mind. First I was thinking about a conversation I had with Deborah recently, discussing Oneness and ideas I had for the future. The memory was clear yet vague enough that no particular details stand out at this point, if that even makes any sense. I then remembered – or was reminded?- that we forgot to pick up milk on the way home from dropping my kids off with their mom just minutes ago.

After the chatter, I felt great peace and love coming into my body. It was a very good feeling, and I just knew it was love. I again received a knowing that the recent Angel Therapy idea I had is indeed something I should work toward. I then received a message to keep my mind fresh…free…fresh…free – the message changed like that, so I asked for clarification. The message was that I need to keep my mind free; free of clutter and distraction. I was then told that I would not receive assistance with this, as it was an effort I need to consciously pursue in order to truly appreciate what I will have. I was told to focus. To focus on my goals and nothing more; to remain narrowly focused.

I just laid there, trying to absorb and take in all the loving energy I felt, without trying too hard. As of now, the headache seems almost gone.

Deborah’s Feedback:

I do not believe that meditation is about silencing what comes in. I think often people will get reminders just as you did Justin about very practical stuff like you forgot to pick up the milk. 

Of course, my standing joke with the angels is always, “Couldn’t you have said that as I was passing the store?” The response is the same…they did…LOL

My point is that when we sit to allow what wants, needs and desires to come through based on all we have asked for, it always does. We may not hear it at the time or brush that quiet voice away, so when we sit and the distractions are decreased, Pop! They come through.

I am being shown it is like being out of range with our cell phones and then when we come back into range our phone starts making noise with all the messages that came through, we just weren’t able at that moment to “receive” them.

Ohhh, I like that analogy.

Bottom line…what we think is monkey-mind may not be. When we welcome it ALL and dismiss nothing we get a delicious variety of things in our meditation. Practical info like, “you forgot the milk”, as well as deep spiritual knowledge and so much in between.

Love it all and welcome it all and I guarantee it will be even more wonderful as each day passes.

Here’s to the practical reminders!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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