Day 16 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


Everything we ask for we can bring to light to manifest. Justin wants it Big…he is very aware on many levels how powerful he is and he has been requesting feeling into and knowing the “bigger picture”. He really came for the ride like we all did, and he received and aspect of that ride today.

See my feedback below Justin’s journal post.

To the ride! Woo Hoo!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin:

Saturday, August 4, 2012 (Labrynth):
Today I’ll be listening through my computer, using earbuds, while supported by pillows on our bed.

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To reconnect with “Z”, and learn whatever he may have to teach me right now.

Day 16 Afterward:
I’m not sure if I reconnected with “Z” or not, but this was a crazy ride.

Whomever it was I *did* connect with asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to know. I then asked about a project I have been putting a lot of thought into regarding Angel Therapy. I was told that it was indeed my calling, and to pursue it in any form.

After that, the being asked if I wanted to experience the collective consciousness in a new way, from a higher level. I responded yes, and the being warned me that it would be an intense experience, and to let him know when I wanted out.

Not knowing what to expect, I said I was ready. It was crazy. There were so many different thoughts going around, quickly passing back and forth like cars speeding past each other on very narrow roads. My mind felt very scrambled. There were too many different thoughts quickly entering and leaving to be capable of holding any single one for any amount of time. So many thoughts were passing through so quickly that I couldn’t even cognize many of them.

I took note of how many thoughts were dark or negative, too. There are a lot of negative thoughts going around out there. I felt a higher vibration when two or more of the thoughts would happen to align, or be the same thought, but this only happened a few times. I immediately understood how groups like the Oneness group work on a whole new level.

I couldn’t believe how scrambled my mind felt because of all the mixed thoughts. I have never had that feeling before, and it really wasn’t a pleasant one, either. This was definitely a valuable experience though. Several times, the voice asked me if I wanted out – I think it sensed my discomfort – but I answered “no” each time, because I was so fascinated at what I was experiencing.

As I came out of the meditation, I felt very tired. Not exhausted, but physically tired. It almost seems like I felt more tired in my body than in my mind, which is surprising looking back. This truly was a unique experience.

Deborah’s Feedback:

Oh man Justin is this a good one…

Of course you know me, they are ALL GOOD!

I love the conversation. Connecting with Spirit is a relationship like any other, in that to understand and feel connected we need to ask questions and listen not just once or twice but for a lifetime.

Rich and joyful communion comes from taking the time to connect, stay connected…it’s the rinse and repeat series. This is what is great with you Justin is that you have been doing this and you are learning to do it in a bigger, more expansive way.

Also, what I see is the reminder from Spirit that you are at choice, as we all are, as to how big you want your ride to be.

I love that you got this hot fast ride. Those are my words of course as I see them for you.

You were shown how fast “it” can be and is in the world of spirit, and truth is we want to hold or remember all that happens and in essence our soul does, but we really in our humanness do not need to remember it all. Rather, we can trust that all we need is there and if we should need to recall it on some conscious level we will.

The unpleasantness came from it first of all being a new more expanded experience that you consider intense. Why did it feel intense?

Your human body is a dense manifestation of energy and where you opened up to is not dense in comparison so you can feel the vast contrast. You can learn through more experiences to expand more and collaborate to allow  it feel more comfortable.

Since it is your will and your request, you can simply ask to slow it down a bit and then see what happens…if that feels good great. Still intense? Readjust with your intention to do so.

The body feeling tired is in direct relationship to the density contrast. It reminds me of watching Star Trek as a kid where the captain is asking for more power/energy from the “engine” room and they are reporting that they don’t think the ship can handle or take anymore without it blowing apart. Your body is that dense ship…energy just vibrating at a different speed.

Noe worries as you won’t blow apart…at least not that way! WINK

Again great stuff…now go play again~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson



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