On Meditation ~


Meditation is to Be Yourself. Being yourself means to allow and acknowledge that Divinity flows through you. We must remember that if we are sitting to seek Divine connection and union then we must remember that God is not silent.

Given the opportunity in our conscious communion that we call meditation, God will speak to us. So, to expect someone else’s version of what meditation is or should look like, and feel like is to limit what may uniquely happen for you and through you.

I have a girlfriend who went to a meditation retreat that sounded to me something other that a “treat’. The offering was sitting and breaking through the suffering one was actually causing oneself in attempting to be still for long periods of time and activate a blank mind. The added bonus was “if you wanted” the teacher would come around and hit you on the back with some sort of stick.

For some this could bring them a state of Nirvana that they are seeking, who am I to say this is not a path? I actually get the intention and the purpose, so please don’t write to me to educate me, I merely use this to use as illustration.

I am using this example to say, there are various roads to connecting to the Divine. This music, this spiritual practice of using this music, is an adventure into your inner landscapes.

You are an explorer. So explore. Allow. Receive. Let God and the angels take you on an adventure. Stop trying to figure out if you are on the right trail, stop trying to fight the random thoughts as you journey, stop expecting your journey to look one way, her way, his way, their way.

You will get so much from this when you…

*Write your intentions before you start your music.

*Listen once daily with eyes closed undisturbed.

*While listening, ALLOW ~ just watch, just look, just listen and just feel ALL of it …


Hmmm there is a mantra right there!

*Write down everything you can remember – the intention to write before and after activates your vibration of being present in the NOW.

For me I look at it this way…

When I am sitting to connect, to listen, to receive to awaken…I assure you God will reveal things for me personally that may seem mundane or I might categorize as mundane…God may reveal to me profound spiritual laws, principles and wisdom…God may activate cleansing of energy that is stuck in my body temple…God may relax me into a deep restful sleep.

And more…of course in the infinite possibilities, the list is well, infinite.

The point is being with it all…allow all of it so that you begin to see it and know all of it, to be good.

The more we surrender to this, the more we allow and let go, I assure you all the chatter, cob webs, bumps and fits will smooth out in your mind.

You will begin to see, some of you for the first time, that it is ALL really good.

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