Big Hairy Eyeball


Up way too early this morning which is nothing unusual around here…

I went back to sleep playing the current piece of my personal “Angelic Recipe”on a continuous loop. I am on day 30 of a 35 day angelic assignment of music. Today’s piece of high vibrational music for me is “Truth”.

I was dreaming like crazy before I even woke up the first time and continued to do so as I quickly went back to sleep with this lovely piece.  In my dream, I saw myself talking to someone telling them about the music.  I was sharing with them, doing my best to  inform them  why it (using the music as a spiritual practice) works and why people are afraid to be in self discovery and are actually afraid of their own awakening.

I was guided to post about my dream because of three words that I actually said in my dream…”BIG HAIRY EYEBALL”! They made laugh.

There are two main reasons that can keep people from self discovery or waking up. One is unworthiness and also that they are afraid of the “big hairy eyeball”.

The “big hairy eyeball” is that something or those something’s that our EGO has us convinced is going to be too ugly, too hard, too painful (etc) to deal with, work through or heal. The beauty I share about the music (in my dream and in my awakened state, is that the music begins too do that work for you without a lot of effort on your part and in fact shifts stuff you don’t even need to know about or to deal with.

There is a good reason for this…focused attention on anything brings more of the same. This is Law of Attraction pure and simple. The music supports lifting your vibration rather then lowering it as in many therapeutic modalities with good intention that can have us regurgitating our “stories” over and over keeping us stuck and fixated rather than creating true freedom.

That being said, there will be areas that you will be made aware of in any process of awakening that will show you it isn’t too ugly, too hard, too painful (etc) to deal with or work through. In fact, often just the slightest tweaking of our perspective through the use of the music as a daily practice and we see over and over again the shifts that can occur in the negative energy we have been holding is released with more ease than we ever thought was possible.

In general nothing is ever as scary or hard as we “think” it is going to be once we set the intention to step up, step forward and set our intentions to face the “big hairy eyeballs” of our lives.

PS…here is a picture of one of our cat’s named Bhakti…as I was typing this he was being his teenage self, high up on the second floor ledge…zipping around and being super vocal which caught my intention. I went over to look to see what he was up to and thought to take a picture of him looking down at me. I laughed when I took the picture as I could see instantly his eyes reflecting and looking wild and fiery…maybe not hairy, but certainly in line with today’s post.

I swear he is smiling!





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