Day 28 Deborah’s “Angelic Recipe”


No time for a picture or checking spelling

Song Title: Ascension

It’s 9:22 am and I am flying over the Rockies headed to celebrate my honey’s birthday with him.

In the 28 days, I think this is the 5th meditation practice I have had while in the air!

I am loving the view…exit row, no one next to me and I am thinking how I can forget to look out at the landscape and take in just how amazing it is that we can do this!

One day this will be outdated and there will be the allowing of different ways of moving our bodies from place to place. Our expansive selves will always have those on the cutting edge bringing the new in…Not sure why I am super excited about all this, but I am none the less.

Ok, so my intention is to be even more aware than I am to this “magical mystery tour” we are on and to lock in an even higher vibration on this last day listening to Ascension for this 32 day recipe.

The music starts and at 14 seconds, I am guided to stop the music and use a technique my mom uses for her meditation which is to type freely as she journeys in her meditation.

I am now curious and will be obedient to the suggestion.

BTW, if that word “jacks” you up, then my suggestion is to do a contemplative mediation with that word.

Just a thought…

Ok, I will begin, again~



Happy birthday~

Each day is a birthday, a starting a new.

It is a choice to begin again no matter what your circumstances.

I feel like crying.

Nelson Mandela comes into my consciousness and his time in jail.

“You cannot be imprisoned by any circumstances unless you allow it.”

I know that is easier said than done.

Ok, seriously the stewardess just came by and asked me a question…


I see before me the letters LOL and I am thinking that the angels are having fun here and some ascended masters and showing me some point.


Always keep your sense of humor, keeps your heart space/ chakra open is what I hear.

Ok, pressing the button at 2 minutes and 25 seconds to close my eyes and begin AGAIN>>>>>>>

I get the word “laughter” before I het the button.

MY grandfather shows himself…I love him so much and I am shown again my grandfather’s love for me when I was little, (being corrected to say, even now, was/is so deep…I am crying.

I am shown the word “equal” as to the love that my honey feels for me.

Dedication is shown.

The word argument with a line though it, we just don’t argue as we learn to love each other unconditionally. We want the connection more than we want or need to be right. I know for me I am responsible for my own happiness, so in this relationship I more often than not, take responsibility for how I feel and cleanse and heal anything that triggers me.

I must say it is a lot easier to do so when your love for yourself matters more than what someone else’s love or opinion of you…AND it is so true that how we feel about ourselves will be shown my the partner and friends that show up and stay with us.

Now I see a scene when my grandfather would drive us home on a school morning from Long beach to Monterey Park or San Gabriel. Dedicated…the streetlights still on, the smell of the ocean, the dampness, crossing the Second St Bridge, French toast for breakfast at the local Hof’s Hut.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are visiting and staying on their mini yacht.

Aware that my tears are not sadness totally but the scales are tipped they say in my favor of the love, intense love I feel from him and all the beings around him and me.

I see my childhood dog, Pepper and the reminder “ it was not your fault.”

Tears stream down my face even more.

She is barking at me like to pay attention to what was said…I know this is not my fault…but obviously there is a cell memory that still vibrates and I am being saluted??? To let that go…100% now…


Fine I am in…

I see my dog barking and the words I LOVE YOU are shown…

I am briefly distracted by the smell of fingernail polish…seriously? On a plane? Good lord!

Again, I see the word Laughter…Obviously because I am judging that in a small enclosed space, in my opinion it isn’t appropriate to subject people to that…however I am being told, not everyone is as sensitive as me with smells/fragrances and don’t even notice.


This is like a circus…

I see clowns, which I have to say are not a favorite image of mine, however I have come to appreciate them as a symbol from the angels when I get triggered… Uh, I ALLOW someone to trigger me, they show me picturing the person with a clown nose on as to not take it so seriously and see it for what it really is, an opportunity.

I hear a flock of birds in the music more than I ever have in all my listens to this piece. I actually am seeing them swoop up and around like a dramatic ending.

I open my eyes with a knowing that I will need to really go back over my writing as my typing is not so fabulous with my eyes closed.

Thank you grandpa.

Thank you angels and ascended masters…I see the laughing Buddha as I type…his tummy jiggling like Jell-O…LOL


That was like a rollercoaster…proof that connecting with Divine Source Energy does not have to look a certain way…no right or wrong.

Thank you for witnessing,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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