Day 29 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Labyrinth

Holy cow!

Not even sure where to begin.

Hmmm well not too far into the music I noticed some judgments about aspects of the music and I was quickly shown the word “diffuse”.

Uh ok.

Then a diffuser I was shown a diffuser because I didn’t understand what was being shown to me with that word.

Then I began to experience a swirling feeling in my head and lots of energy as it began to feel like it was actually moving in a clockwise rotation. It felt bigger than what I sense my head was actually doing in it’s movement, but powerful non the less.

Then it had a more triangular movement. Straight lines then points of shifts in the rotation, but still rotating.

Then my head began to move towards my left shoulder in the slowest but deepest stretch. I was thinking this meditation would have been better as a video!

I am not even sure the last time my head went that far over, but let me assure you it has been a long time!

It was wild, weird, amazing and what I found interesting is the hotel pillows were not my favorite and I woke up during the night with my neck actually in pain. I had massaged it for a while and readjusted to go back to sleep, so I find this whole spontaneous stretch so fascinating!

There were now past or future thoughts, just observing this process and then it was done and my head came back to its normal position and the music ended soon afterward.

I feel rested and also understand yoga is something that would really serve my practice and me.

Deep restorative moves.

This message is not new…I laugh…at least love is persistent with reminders of what would serve us!

Till tomorrow my Oneness Family~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

One thought on “Day 29 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. So cool to see the new possibilities, but hearing your journey into Labyrinth was like walking a Labyrinth.. Oddly enough I was shown that Labyrinth would be my next journey after my 30 day recipe is ‘absorbed’.
    For me I tried to meditate this morning but my head wasn’t in the game. I went to my office to revise a project I accidentally deleted, so I was motivated to get it done, then I just felt exhausted.. Thought I’m going to put my songs on shuffle and just let it be. I tried to force a direction a couple times but I was gently guided to let it go. I have felt a heavy pressure on my chest and throat the last three meditations.. But wasn’t ready to feel into the meaning which I knew I would/will have to. I kept seeing all these odd Rune type shapes but felt they weren’t actual Rune stones… I then heard a small voice saying these symbols would play into future work.. I don’t get that yet. I heard forgive, and know my words sometimes hurt… so I asked for forgiveness and healing. The pressure on my chest and throat return. Then I hear pick card 23 from your Wisdom deck. I tuck this info away so I’ll remember… I know I have big choices to make and I ask for guidance. Keep moving into it I hear it will be worth it.. Ugh, I don’t want to but will. The phone rings and I know I’m good for now.
    Side note I recently printed off a picture of the Chakras, symbols and Sanskrit meaning… interesting that the symbols I saw in my head were very similar to these on my picture.
    It’s so helpful and supportive to read everyone else’s posts too…. So from one journey seeker to another… Thank you!

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