Day 26 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”


Song Title: Ascension

My intention today was to just connect and be. I woke up early which is pretty much my thing anyway, but I wasn’t getting back to sleep. I listened to a different guided meditation to feed my subconscious mind, but remained awake. So, I decided I might as well jump into today’s music and continue the feeding of my soul.

It still continues to amaze me how each day with the same exact piece of music, each experience can be so different. It is so exciting to look forward to what will be created each day.

I found myself quietly saying hello to the angels and ascended masters and other beings of the Light.

So much stillness today, as the music begins…blank screen before my eyes for most of the music.

Abyss is the word I get now as I recall the meditation. Not negatively used, but more bottomless expansiveness and stillness. I now see this as being at the edge of expansion…best words I can come up with today.

For the first time this morning I have an overwhelming appreciation for the moments where there do not seem to be words that adequately describe an experience I have had or am having.

For me, this is the part where journaling after the music can expand the meditative experience.

Super yummy stuff~

For me to not have the words continues to show me that our thinking or our vocabulary can be so limiting and that to go beyond the limitations, to be willing to experience that which we can’t necessarily prove in the laboratory scientifically per se and then experience that which is beyond words, is my proof of our limitlessness.

There is more than meets the eye.

Again, even as I reread what I just wrote, I feel restricted by the words, so just feel into me and what my soul and my heart want to share with you.

My ego would prefer to erase a few of those lines and so I will thank it for trying to protect me in some way, but I will leave them and continue to be as transparent as possible as it seems to be supporting others on their journey.

Which, by the way, I am so thankful to all of you that are taking even brief moments to share that something in these posts, or the music is touching you, resonating with you, inspiring you to shift.

I am thrilled!

Ok, so other than my “abyss-ness”, I only remember a couple of random thoughts and quickly came back to the stillness.

Time flew and I only realized the music stopped when the next song in the series began.

Nice way to start my day.

Till tomorrow,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


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