Day 25 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”


Song Title: Ascension

What do I need to know, what would serve my highest good to understand for the alignment of today’s energy?

My least favorite meditation so far and of course it is perfect…really should be a favorite because often what can surface is the very thing I need to address and grow in.

The meditations are not all going to feel yummy and delicious.

I was quickly pointed to a situation where my boundaries were not respected and how I have let this trigger me.

The slippery slope for me is when the trigger is milder as in this case. I have had a history of letting it go or not addressing it completely and that is what I am being asked to do here for my highest good.

What I noticed is that I started to make excuses that it wouldn’t be a good time for the person to hear it…


OMG, this is where I lovingly kick my client’s booties and remind them that someone else’s response to our loving boundaries is not our business. Their response is their response and their opportunity to grow.

In actuality when we hold back, we are withholding growth for both parties.

This situation and meditation is a reflection of my continued awareness around boundaries and what I need to know.



Follow through


Ok there’s a phone call I will be making today~

Till tomorrow,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

3 thoughts on “Day 25 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. hi Deborah, good post. I really like what you said about growth being a two way street. I had a few difficult phone calls I had to make this year when I felt someone had crossed the line or when I had to announce something I didn’t think the other person was ready to hear, and it was very difficult to make those calls. I worried about them for days and in some cases lost sleep. In all situations though, the phone call played out much better in real life than it had when I previewed it in my mind. I ended up feeling 100 times better after speaking about the issue than I did when I was holding it in.

    Thanks for this great post. I can see why you didn’t like the meditation and yet appreciated it at the same time. I wonder if the recipient of your call might feel the same way.

  2. Great honest post as always. It’s hard when we may want to ‘edit’ but you are right, someone may need to hear what you might have deleted.. Blessings on trusting the process.
    So, I thought I’d share this and see if it resonated with anyone else. Today I woke up super grumpy. So I thought I need to put my music on immediately and have a “do over” to the start of the day. Interestingly enough, my music Becoming You didn’t “feel right”… Oddest thing. I’m thinking ‘no, I really need this’… but I just got more agitated. I thought what I really ‘need’ is to go back to the beginning…So I did. I started with Infinity, and I began to settle down… next Symbiotic… This makes me feel fresh and new…. Now I sense I’m ready to move onto Becoming You, and it felt like I was right where I was suppose to be!!! I was given the chance to see and feel the vibrational changes that needed to be tweaked for this day and it was very comforting. I’m glad I’m on this 30 day journey.. Last month I probably would have stayed in a funk and now I know I have awesome tools to assist me!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    • Julie, I literally have tears in my eyes. You noticed, you trusted, you took action and your results show the difference all that you did made. Like you said you could have created a different reality, but you chose to not go there and you have anchored a different reality that can keep you moving forward. It is so beautiful.

      As the last four pieces of the collection came in pretty much on top of each other, I was processing them which meant I was processing them in my vibe and it was so intense that the day before the launch I felt completely spent and I went to reach for some of the music while I rested and my angel peeps actually said “No music”, I was asked to just be quiet and not listen to anything as I had not integrated all that I had “taken in”.

      The music is potent and it is a super spiritual tool to support our journey AND it does help us to be more in touch and be more confident in what we are guided to do from within.

      Thank you for your feedback, your post and your light that is shining brighter than ever on this plane!

      In admiration of you,

      Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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