Day 24 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Ascension

Again zipped into the meditation without an intention. As the music began I put out a quick call to “connection”.

As it is almost time to pick up my daughter I realize that this may be my last opportunity to get in some me time. So, the music and the mediation begin to feel like a power nap to me. Glad I was sitting up as I think I would have fallen asleep.

I am shown again and given confirmation about dance associated with this music.

It is either the 5th or 6th, insight from spirit directly and through others.

It makes sense and also I kind of shake my head at all that wants to emerge with this high vibrational music as its foundation.

Why am I surprised?

I see many people to connect with for this purpose some I may or may not feel compatible and trust whatever this is as usual it will reveal the when, where, how and who.

No need to make it happen.

Just be ready to catch when it is ready to manifest.

Other than that…which really is bigger than I reveal here, I just feel super relaxed and will replay it prior to going to sleep tonight…that feels right.

See you tomorrow!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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