Day 23 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

12-6-11 ~ St. Nicholas Day


Song Title: Ascension

I started the music without an intention and stayed in bed. Immediately was guided to sit up…resistance…again sit up and even an arrow that pointed up…sheesh…ok…I sit up.

Point here is that the angelic realm doesn’t really tell us what to do, instead we are guided by so much love that is completely in response to our highest wishes, intentions and prayers.

This particular piece today helps to support me going deep. In fact, so deep and quiet and still that I have an experience that feels like a quick wave and a lifting of my body very much like I levitated…it was fast and as soon as it happened my mind was all over it.

Which of course stopped the experience. Super…

Back in… letting go and just being…some images came like yesterday’s meditation and then random thoughts that I can’t remember but I know were there.

Then I just went back to the stillness and had the same wave and lifting experience as before and of course the same “mind all over it” and it stopped. Great…

It was wonderful and intense.

Back to stillness and scattered thoughts and then “the wave” was going through my left hand.

Here I could stay with it as an observer while it continued. It was fascinating.

The music and experience flew by.

I feel good.

Till tomorrow’s adventure,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

One thought on “Day 23 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Just NEEDED to share my beautiful Angelic Recipe for today 12/7/11

    I set out super excited to listen to Ardekiel’s Blossom today!!!! Couldn’t wait for the children to get out to school so I could cozy up on the couch and begin:)

    I lite my Christmas Tree curled up on the couch, & lite a candle!!! I set my intention: ” To please help me to understand how to put my signature program together”………………..

    Once the music began, I closed my eyes & immediately I began to see light bulbs flashing. Bursts of light & they turned into longer beams of light & the light surrounded me in a nurturing way. Eventually the light was only shown from my eyes & above me.

    My eyes felt like they began to melt into one in the middle of my head. As though it was my 3rd eye!!! And a beam of light eminated – it was a bright, clean, loving white light. My body began to relax, my neck, shoulders……my entire body sunk into the couch – total relaxation & peace.

    I was told to “Trust” & saw myself on a path in the dark. The sides of the path were lite with light as though my path was lite up for me despite being in totally darkness. Found myself again to at the symphony of nature – each having its own role in the beautiful music that collectively was blissful.

    My day unraveled with one good news piece of news after another!!! The power of our thoughts are magnificent!!! Don’t let another day go by without harnessing the power of Archangel Ardekiel.


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