Day 22 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”




Song Title: Ascension

Now that I begin typing, I realize that I didn’t set any kind of conscious intention but I was super excited to go to this piece of music, so I guess that in itself was my intention!

This was a big production number!

Just like the first time I listened to this piece I am transported to the same place.

It has a very Oz like quality and even a quick peaking in of Glenda the Good Witch appears. I get confirmation that this is one of my guardian angels and she is just appearing this way to me now for fun and full of love.

Just like other listens as I arrive on this scene, a crowd of people and other light beings and animals part the way like a parting of the seas.

It is a cross between royal arrival into the court and a celebration of homecoming.

I see a huge deer and I again see my grandfather on the left side as I have seen previously. I see my favorite childhood dog at my feet and then other animals that I have had that have made their transition.

Then I see a white puppy, that while driving with family when I was little at night, ran into the street following another larger dog and was hit by our car. In my meditation the puppy that is actually now even younger in my meditation is handed to me and I begin to cry during my meditation (literally). I put the puppy to my chest and he begins to lick me, so cute and so squirmy.

Tears continue to stream down my face and by the end, one collective tear runs down my cheek, down my neck and straight down my chest to my heart and stops.

I hear  “It is only from the space of the heart can we see that our earth experience is but a dream and nothing can really harm us as we are eternal beings and joyously come to explore and expand.”

I ask “Is this heaven?” (I already know) and I am told it is my heaven. There is so much love and celebration here.

The name God comes through and I hear I am you, you are me, we are one.

Next and for the first time in listening to this song, I begin to leave this place. I see I am riding a bike and it has two side baskets and one in front.

My dog from childhood is in the front basket like she actually used to do with me and the puppy is with her. Then my dog morphs into some sort of Scotty/Terrier and now has aviator goggles on to show we are off on a new adventure and in this next experience/life we have, she would like to be a different breed.


I am in a great 50’s style dress and riding away from everyone and my grandfather catches up on a bike and he is young and in his military uniform…he shifts between being two people and I get that, that is based on mutual agreement as to who will go with me and play what role.

I am excited to leave, as I know I will be back to this place just as I arrived and it just keeps repeating.

Till tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


4 thoughts on “Day 22 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. I am ready now. 🙂

    If you would have just said that I’d get to visit Oz and feel like Glenda (all sparkly and bubbly), I’d have been on board a looooooong time ago.

    Can’t wait!!


  2. Liz, I realize now I should have said it is “Champagne for Your Soul” and you would have been in!

    I am sending your “Angelic Recipe today!!!

    Super excited for you!

    Much love,


  3. I started out even more excited than usual as I was transitioning into a new song – Blossoming!! Since I was traveling I didn’t have my Recipe with me!! No worries as I trusted that the right song would be played. It was between 2 choices & I tried Awakening and it wouldn’t load on my phone – so rather than go into a panic – I trusted and tried Blossoming and the music flowed with ease!!

    Right away I was shown a beautiful scene in nature – and heard clearly that it’s painful to grow but everything around you is supporting you!

    The curtain was pulled back on a beautiful landscape in nature – meadow in Hawaii- tropical, with cascading water, and exotic plants. The sounds were harmonious & each form of plant life was singing its own song – but collectively it was melodic & beautiful to my ears. I was told I was being shown the secrets re life – being shown a behind the scenes glimpse.

    I was told that water feeds your growth. You have all that you need – you choose, and I ultimately decide!!

    The universe supports you!! and with that my lower body was tingling like crazy!!
    How many times do you need to be shown? It’s here for the looking each time you need it!!

    Nature works in harmony like an orchestra. Come be part of the symphony: collaberate – as we all lift each other to the next level – vibration.

    Start slowly to blossom- all good things in time. You must crawl before you walk. Fight yourself each day to bloom – let it out!!!

  4. Brenda,
    I love this post!

    I love the energy and confidence and spiritual wisdom coming through you!
    This is so fantastic and another wonderful example of what is possible with this practice of Archangel Ardekiel’s Music and gifting yourself the time and the ability to TRUST what you get.
    This is POWERFUL!
    You are on fire my dear, thank you for letting us witness your “Blossoming”!
    xo Deborah

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