Day 9 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Blossoming

My intention is to sit in gratefulness of what is, as I was to be leaving today for California and I canceled the trip with a deep knowing that I needed to be home and be very present here. It is important for me to see that there are more reasons to stay than I originally thought and grateful for the trust in my knowingness.

Higher purpose.

Divine connection.

Tingling-itchiness down the back of both my arms

I woke with a slight headache this morning and I am reminded I need more water.

Lots of varied wisps of thoughts; parent’s cat that was put to sleep yesterday, seeing if I can get my step-dad who is Jewish to go to a Renewal Service, exercise, things I can’t remember as I type now, but know there was more

I redirected my thoughts and began a list of what I am grateful for, then I became aware of interesting sensations in my head as if the area of headache was being worked on.

Very sleepy this morning and thinking I may want to repeat this music later today.

I cannot remember anything else at the moment but I know other stuff took place and I am ok with that…hmmm which is exactly I realize part of my intention to be grateful for what is…

Laughing as being ok with something and grateful does have a different vibe!


Till tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


4 thoughts on “Day 9 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. My Day 1!! I have been looking forward to this day! But a little sad it wasn’t as “great” as I expected.

    As I started a thought of my future son, Alex(in previous meeting I asked what he wanted to be called), popped into my mind followed by quick emotions of both happy and sad.

    I struggled to keep my mind free of everything I needed to get done. Kept catching myself wondering off and would ask Ardekiel to help me and asked what I needed to know to know to get the highest good out of this day.

    Placed my hands palms up at my side. Felt a few tingles and a heaviness.

    Tried to focus on music and what it was telling me but it was soon over.

    Much love,

  2. Crystal, Often we can have a high expectation, or expect things to look a certain way…very human.

    I encourage you to just be…if thoughts come up just notice…let things come and go and don’t try to make anything happen.

    Know that the high frequency of the music is all you need and all the rest that comes up is bonus material!

    Just be and come into an observer state…just witness and then write down ALL that happened, was felt, that you thought, or saw etc.

    You will find each day brings its own experience.

    Trusting that it is perfect frees you and the experience to explode into an amazing shift.

    The music has an accumulative essence. Trust me!

    Much love,

    Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

  3. Oh, I love this post.. I do not mean to seem insensitive to the wanting of something more, (great) because I so get it!
    But As I read these posts I allow myself to just accept the process more and more. I had two days in a row where I either did not set clear intentions or what I thought I’d hear/see/ understand did not come through. What I got instead was even if I am not clear, the angels, God and all higher vibrations ARE. So, even if for two days I did not feel what I thought was suppose to be feeling, (a Profound shift), I gifted myself with the knowledge that a higher power knew what I needed, I received it and I really had a much better day! What I am learning is that “Great” like Crystal said, has a new definition… Cool, huh?
    Can’t wait to learn more from you on this journey!

  4. The impulse to daily share my own experience is proving to really support others in their journey and that is wonderful.

    Life and her opportunistic experiences are full of contrast. It is the contrast that supports our truly feeling alive.

    I have been using and integrating this music since the birth of the first piece titled Infinity and what I can say is not only has each listen varied, but the reality of my life experience has varied as well.

    As we welcome and intend for the new in our life, the next level, the higher vibration etc., to come in, the old must fall away. The contrast in that, depending on what we are needing to shed and how much we are attached to what is being called to let go, brings tremendous contrast.

    The contrast supports our choices.

    It is our understanding of our freedom to choose in each moment that can shift our consciousness.

    🙂 Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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