Day 10 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Blossoming

The wind against my home was too loud for too long and so I have been up since 4:10 am! Little work on the computer and a little love fest with one of my cats and here I am.

My intention is awakening, connection and anything what I must know for my highest good just for today.

Instantly, I see two dolphins looking directly at me and the word Joy.

I am shown a time in Kauai when my son was little and his dad and I and my mom were on holiday. My “wasbund” rushed back to the beach after swimming and asked if I wanted to swim out where the pod of spinner dolphins was.

As the music played I just sat in that day dreamy experience and remembered how exciting it was and how amazing the energy was to be in their presence.

I just felt into joy.

In the beginning of the meditation I was encouraged to sit up straight, I chose not to. I really wanted to go back to sleep and stay snuggled in my bed, which I did after.

I stayed in the experience and the feeling of joy. When the music finished I went back to sleep with this content feeling from my experience.

I am typing after the fact and trusted I would remember.

I did at one point ask during the meditation if there was anything I needed to know and I saw and heard “nothing”. “Seriously?” I thought, chuckling as if I know all now!

For me this meditation and typing it up hours later is about consciously choosing to raise our vibration. We can take real or imagined experiences to shift our energy, our mood, and our emotions. Archangel Ardekiel and I have written about this in my book I am currently writing.

I am reminded again.

We actually shift the chemicals that surge through our body with our thoughts…we can be aware of our thoughts and actively shift them.

It doesn’t matter if our human experience in the moment is giving us what we want, we can act as if it is something different and shift our perspective, shift our vibration and shift our lives. We can look for the gold as I always say. Today I look for the gold.

I am going to hang with the dolphins in my minds eye as much as I can today and not only see the beauty in my change of plans this week, but expect wonderful things because of it.

Wanna join me?

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


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