Day 8 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Awakening

My intention for today’s meditation is connection. I sit to wake up. Consciously continuing my journey of self-discovery.

Felt very called to sit very upright today more than usual.

Aware of my heart area and as that happened saw the image of a Sacred Heart and the Christ Light. A reminder that this area is our “soul brain”.  A bit of energy around my heart and then underneath my left breast area on my ribcage… it felt very itchy like when something is healing.

“Remember who you are.”

I felt very called to take my hands off my lap and place them on the arms of the chair with my hands hanging off the end. This was an image that came quickly 3 times, like flashes, until I actually did it and sat like that the rest of the meditation.

An image that I have now had many times since right before Archangel Ardekiel introduced himself to me in the Spring.

It is an image of an Egyptian boat and the water before me. It is brief and it reminds me again off the feeling of a past life experience.

The first time this came to me it was very strong and clear and most surprising as I just have never really had a strong connection to feeling anything like that was part of my soul’s heritage.

After that I was very aware that by body was heating up. It went beyond just feeling hot. In some areas it really felt spicy hot like how Jalapenos would burn you. I mostly felt this around my upper back and it radiated up my neck. It felt very strong and intense, yet manageable.

I realized my breathing was getting shallow, as I was feeling into where and how hot this energy was.

Began breathing more deeply and then had the thought to ask what I needed to know about the heat and burning sensation. (Which I might add here is still continuing at a more subtle level as I type this out)

Anyway, I got the word detoxify. A burning away of things I have ingested. They don’t just mean food or beverage, they are talking stories, beliefs, things I have taken on/in that are not mine to keep as they do not serve me and the tapestry of who I AM.

Thoughts were scattered throughout, of Sedona and future retreats to places like Hawaii, snippets of prophetic imagery of things and experiences to come. Reminders…and as I type that I hear, “keep your eye on the ball”.

It is time now that the music is birthed to put dates on the calendar for next year and manifest those desires.

Till tomorrow, be well ~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


One thought on “Day 8 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. First, sorry to dominate the “comments” section here… I am just receiving so much and am truly grateful!!!
    The itching comment! Oh my! I had that happen this am only it was my legs… I thought, oh great, I’m getting that restless leg syndrome thing and right now in the middle of my meditation? So now I get it! I heard, ‘shake it off’… When I did it felt like I released sandbags… THANK YOU. So, it was a ‘healing itch’….?? Itch away then!
    My meditation was very specific, which is odd for me.. I asked for alignment.. I was shown a rope, white and thick, it stretched out. I was shown very specific things: 2 residences 1 on either side of the rope ( I currently have 2, but neither one I feel is “home”) Next my husband: 1 side of the rope, “pre” Afghanistan hubby, the other side “Post” Afghanistan hubby. Next in the line: 1 side was one business I own
    ( necessity career, long term) the other side of the rope, my passion, that I love doing! ( Going on 5 years) Now the last part was interesting to me…If you listen to INFINITY the vibration I have heard in varied degrees sounds like a telephone ringing.. Super subtle in the background. Today when I really focused on that at the end, I heard, ‘pick up the phone’.. hmmm
    Thank You!!!!!!!

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