Day 5 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

Song Title: Awakening

My intention for today’s meditation is to see the most loving approach to speak my truth to my son from a conversation from yesterday as well as contemplation about resistance as a false sense of protection.

As soon as I turn the music on and close my eyes I begin to cough a lot. A direct sign that I have ingested more than my body’s tolerance for wheat and cheese which really translates to those foods being part of my comfort foods over the last month.

My body is telling me and my loving angel peeps are reminding me there are healthier ways to reduce my stress.

I am reminded to ask myself, “ Is this choice taking me towards my heart’s desire or away form it?”

It is a question I use with clients, my kids and Archangel Ardekiel is stressing for me to be more conscious of all my decisions right now. 

I am clear that I want to do a two day Isagenix cleanse which never feels like deprivation, which is very important to me.This cleanse actually supports me in swinging the pendulum back into balance is what was shown to me.

As soon as I made that descision, I sensed St. Padre Pio, Mother Mary and Saint Germain with me. I could feel the support and comfort they bring. I also saw Archangel Michael ready to cut energetic cords these foods…yep do it.

I am seeing that this last month and 4 days to be exact has been one of the biggest contrast of highs and lows since I was going through my divorce years ago.

Lot’s of contrast and so much energy that needs to be moved out of my body through movement. 

That feels good as I type. I feel relief just in my choice and ready to go.

As for the intention with my son, all I got was “Be Yourself”. I am clear what that means for me. It is about speaking from my heart and being authentic and having clear boundaries.

I am reminded about the meditation with the lions and how just making the decision about what you want and committing to it and taking action is so important…you must do more than just keep thinking about it.

I got the Nike symbol, which by the way is an angel wing tipped on it’s side…when I see that symbol it means “Just Do It!”

Ok, I am off to sip my minerals, drink my water and move my body…
Until tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Day 5 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Day 3 for me. Woke up tired & cranky, then thought about advice from you and your peeps yesterday, and just snoozed an extra half hour. Ready to go… I actually looped INFINITY today and listened twice, the images were fast and furious! My intention for this morning, to have a peaceful, harmonious and aligned “family” day.. I changed my profile picture 2 days ago, focusing on my son.. & my control issues… Hard to let them grow up, even though he’s super amazing! Anyway, my 2nd intention was to be shown concrete messages that the shift I am making in my business, will be ready for the March expansion I have in mind.
    Results: Swirling colors, lightning bolts of electricity only in color, flashes of rainbows. Faces and people I don’t know (at least this time), Our Lady of Guatemala, a raccoon (???) and finally Michaels splashes of color.. What a whirlwind!
    Now, I wasn’t going to post today, but your sharing is so inline with so many of us following your journey, it helps with our journey…so I’ll put myself out there… hope to hear others experiences as well in this gift of a forum 🙂 ! Those of us who talk angel can really be a fun support! Thanks again for your honest approach to this process Deborah!!!!!!! Lot’s of us parents get it

  2. Really enjoying the sharing and am very much encouraging those of you who have received your “Angelic Recipes” to share here as you see fit…even if it is a question of what came up for you…I will do my best to pop in and answer.

    All comments are sent to me for approval so that we keep the highest vibration here and no spam.

    ♥ Deborah

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