Day 4 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Awakening

My intention is what I must know for my highest good just for today…


Courage to be yourself and follow through with giving others boundaries.


Boundaries are self-care and self-love. They also make others feel safe with you.

I began to hear a portion of the “Serenity Prayer”…

“God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference…”

I saw an idea of what to feed my daughter for breakfast.

My head again tingled and also got itchy in the lower left quadrant as it meets with my neck.

As I became aware of this I saw the word “Renewal”.

I am reminded as I type this that this music I was told by the Archangel Ardekiel, literally shifts us physically as we release what does not serve us.

Our body chemistry does change…our endorphins increase…and an aspect of the ongoing ascension and human evolution is shifting our DNA. This music is part of that.

I became aware about 3 different people in my life…little wisps of insight that help me to understand and be more compassionate.

See you tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson



2 thoughts on “Day 4 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Deborah,
    First, thank you for sharing on this blog, it’s a great teaching tool as well as a support system. I’m on day two of seven working with the beautiful music of INFINITY.. I really wanted to continue on & listen to all three pieces chosen from my Angelic Recipe (loved that option) but I am trusting the process and an so excited. Day one I literally felt like little….cherubs were rubbing a healing balm on my back, Healing was the message given, then at the end it was as if a laser scanned my body emptied out what I set forth as my intention, (to be released from all that does not serve my higher good) and in it’s place a gold liquid flowed through my like an infinity pool… Super cool.
    Today felt a bit like a “detox” then asked I Michael to clarify if I was on the right track. After the music the first book I opened went right to “Archangel Michael”


  2. Julie,
    I am so happy you are gifting yourself this powerful tool of transformation!

    Your entry about the “laser scan” of your body is so right on to what is happening for many. Simple yet beyond POWERFUL, love that liquid gold filled the void!

    I also want to commend you for following your own “30 – Day Angelic Recipe” that was intuitively downloaded just for you. That trust will pay off…ooops angels corrected me, IS paying off…stay hydrated and keep moving forward and keep sharing, as your experience too, will help and inspire others.

    PS rest a bit more too…

    Deborah 🙂

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