Day 3 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: The Beginning

My intention for this morning is rejuvenation and connection with Spirit. I feel no less rested than when I went to sleep last night. Between the teeny bopper who needed to be next to me and the cat who loves her needing to be next to her and the flower vase full of water and roses that crashed to the floor and needed addressing, I just need to realign my energy.

The other cat in our house can feel I need some love so he disturbs my meditation twice as it begins. Great. I am irritated and chuckle that this very music is about what we allow to disturb our peace.

There are always going to be things that can irritate us, wake us up and in my case hit a vase in the middle of the night which spills water all over the night stand and my computer…

It is then, what are we going to do differently to take care of ourselves to bring us back into a more balanced state.

This morning I am hearing (again) to get back to regular exercise and to make sure my hydration is up and the foods that I choose are nourishing me.

I am reminded that I come first, as I cannot help others in a depleted state.

I am grateful today has opportunity built into it for doing just that.

I had a lot of energy around my head again and down the side of my neck.

By the end of the music I feel like I have had a wee mini nap and my energy is more aligned.

It’s a start.

See you tomorrow ~




2 thoughts on “Day 3 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Just love the rawness of this and the flow. We are all constantly being approached by spirit to become patient and more compassionate. You are the epitome of both, in my eyes. Spirituality is not always the golden light and fuzzy good feelings that provides all that we wish for, no it is down and dirty and darn-right difficult at points. You are exploring all of that with us and it is much appreciated. Blessings, I look forward to following your 32 day adventure.

  2. Sherri, I love your entry here. This is all about rawness and flow…just getting out of the way…letting more love in and yes it is messy and uncomfortable as we let go and allow what really wants to emerge!

    I am thrilled that the guidance to do a blog on this site is supportive and appreciated.

    My prayer is that it is inspirational.

    My prayer is that as we journey together in these 32 days it shows a full spectrum of what is possible during our listening time with Spirit…what we call meditation.

    Thank you for your beautiful light Sherri!

    Keep shining~
    Deborah ♥

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