Day 2 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: The Beginning

My intention for this meditation is gratefulness and continued insight into supporting the relationship I mentioned yesterday. I see that the relationship itself is calling forth for me to slow down and evaluate what I truly want and step into knowing that it is possible, and as always, taking action as intuitively guided to allow that to happen.

I experienced light pressure on half of my head as if I was wearing a winter hat that was slightly too snug. I felt tingling all over my head and especially toward the very end I was very aware of the top of my head.

I really wanted too slouch, as I felt very sleepy still, but really had a strong knowing I needed to sit up very straight which I did. I rested my hands and arms over the arms of the chair.

Fairly quickly after, I saw big cats, lions. I felt that I was being shown the “regal-ness” and the clarity in which a lion commits to its prey. There is no doubt. It observes what it wants, it takes steps towards it and then it puts all its energy into making that happen.

I see really that much of the animal kingdom does this. They don’t doubt, they commit and they take action.

My relationship and wanting the highest most connected bond in this relationship, is like the animals prey. I see that I am committed, and more than ever before I can also see possibilities because of that commitment and action I have taken.

I also felt in that “regal-ness”, as kings and queens asked or told others to help them get what they wanted…in this I could see a quick picture of a royal court and people getting their orders/requests and heading out to do the royal bidding.

This is the reminder to ask for help from our fellow human travelers as well as from the heavenly realm. We were never meant to do this alone. I see that this may be more a reminder for the reader of my public journal, as I am shown the 3 people I asked for support yesterday to give Reiki energy in our direction and some beautiful suggestions to anchor more joy into the relationship.

Today I will be open to asking for more support.

As I ask the angels if there is anything else I need to know, I get the word complete.

“See your tomorrow!”

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P.S.S. This is a journal style entry so I am not really attached to my spelling or my punctuation or my grammar! Although I must say it is a great improvement from my writing in my journal! 🙂

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