Day 1 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: The Beginning

My intention for this meditation is insight into supporting a very special relationship in my life and how I can change to make it better and what I can do to support this other person.

I begin the music, eyes closed and observe.

I feel heat/tingling and awareness in my upper left back for at least a quarter of the music.

I also experience tingling and movement in and around my third eye.

I hear “all change comes from the intention to change, the actions towards change and the expectation that, possibilities that, things will change.”

The idea to make this a blog on the new site comes as a way to keep me accountable, (good idea) and a way to show one style of many ways to actually go through a 30 days cycle of music to raise one’s vibration and get insight and information to support one’s journey.

I am given reassurance that everything will be all right in my inquiry at that my daily intention has everything to do with that change.

I am writing after the music stops and am even seeing more insights as I write.

Great healing is occurring and I am to see this person in my life as pure light as often the human effects can fool us otherwise.

See light, see love, see light, see love.

I am reminded of an idea that I woke up with to take action to do more fun things with this person and begin to anchor in more fun in the relationship…specifically bowling and cooking this week.

I feel that is all I can remember from the music meditation and so I ask Archangel Ardekiel is there anything else I need to know from my highest good?

I see the essence of Archangel Michael coming through and that I need to gather my courage to have very strong and even fierce boundaries which in are actually acts of love to support this relationship’s journey. He is showing me a month ago to the day, an experience in which I did just that and to apply that here.

See you tomorrow!


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