Day 16 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

Half way mark!



Song Title: Becoming You

My intention today is to open my heart to more Love.

I can feel a flutter in my heart space. I am aware of my heart and I see one of my oracle cards in my minds eye that says “Open Your Heart to Love”.

I see images of my weekend and hear, “There’s more where that came from.”

My heart area feels expansive and I begin to feel my back at the level of my heart and can feel into the space opening. I can feel warmth, than, more heat and a bit of an ache to this area as well.

I am clear that no matter how far I have expanded and opened within this space there will always be more to expand. We are never done and we are always in some form of expansion.

I note to myself that this particular piece is not directly related to the heart chakra, but I know that as we are adjusted in one area, it of course will impact other areas to come into alignment, open, and activate.

My left ear becomes itchy. Hmmm some opening there as well…

I am aware of my crown chakra and feel very specific areas being “worked on”.

Scattered in the meditation the word “fear” came up. I just kept repeating, “I open my heart to more love” any time I saw the word fear.

I was also reminded of one of my favorite children’s book titled “Gwinna”. What I was shown was the parents in the story, turning to stone. I see that fear immobilizes us from truly living when we allow it to.

Again, I see all of this as a choice as to how we respond to it.

As I wonder is there anything I missed to write down, I hear “That’s all folks!”, very Porky Pig.


Spirit knows laughter is the best medicine for the heart.

Till tomorrow with and open heart~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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