Day 15 Deborah’s Personel “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Becoming You

When I asked for my own personal 30 Day “Angelic Recipe” I was actually given 32 days! Like all the Divine guidance I receive, I trust it is perfect. I also trust that today like a few days ago my spiritual practice is in the air, literally, flying somewhere between California and Colorado.

I like that my meditation to the  Ardekiel music isn’t falling perfectly into place in the morning…it is important that it is more about the completion and the intention rather than my ideal time, which for me is at the beginning of the day. Perfect.. than becomes what is, not what I think it is.

It’s ok.

We all must shift the perspective we have of right and wrong and just see what is, what it brings forth in us and adjust accordingly no matter what the circumstances. Easy? Not always, but worth it.

My intention is what I must know for my highest good.

As the music began, the lyrics to a song came through right away.

“Your no good, your no good, your no good, baby your no good….”

All I have to say is, thankfully I know that it was not being directly said to me (good time not to take something personally), it was just a quick way to start the conversation today.

Stay with me here…apparently this is a teaching point.

Often when we get a “message” we don’t like or understand, we fail to follow through with a question to gain clarification. This is a huge teaching principle in my practice. In fact, in my “Trust Your Heart” program, which is geared to support people with their Intuition, I call it a “Clarifying Question”. Super important!

So, of course I ask and barley finish my question when I receive my answer~

Underlying everyone’s journey is the need and opportunity to overcome the thinking of our unworthiness.

Ya, we know. We are supposed to love ourselves and all that, but really what we are doing is overcoming this obstacle that keeps us feeling separate and keeps us from understanding what many followers call the Christ Consciousness.

For me, Oneness Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness and a few others variations, are ALL the same thing.

It is continuing the unfolding of our own flower petals of our own Divinity. Seeing and believing the TRUTH about ourselves.

It is a continual journey to truly get that you are not separate from a God somewhere out there. You are that individualized expression that cannot be separated from the Source. Despite what you THINK.

How do we get there from where we are?

We must ACTIVELY dig and uncover and throw out the subconscious beliefs that we hold on to as truths.

We also must come to understand that to do so requires us to let go of the attachment, to the idea, that that process/journey will all be smooth and easy and without discomfort, delays, people and experiences that trigger us.

Letting go of anything we have held on to for most of our lives can have it’s discomfort. What is so weird is how comfortable we all are to some degree with thinking we are “No good”.

This very song title “Becoming You” is geared to support our truly Becoming Us.

We are Divinity. We are jewels of royal and holy origin.

We must let go of all the baggage we have about our “No Good-ness”!

We need to “Get Our Good On!” I like that!


The other thing that came to me (not for the first time either) is to offer Long Distance Reiki once a month for a Love Offering energy exchange. I have had this vision to do this for several months and I am being shown now is the time.

So, I won’t put it off any longer I will announce it here.

~Long Distance Reiki will now be offered and held one time a month as a group offering, when you send a letter via snail mail to me following these instructions:

Send a snail mail letter to:

Angels And Prosperity-Reiki

c/o Deborah Wilson

P.O. Box 7119 Boulder, CO 80306

Inside the envelope include the following:

1. Person’s name-

****If it makes you feel better to include details, whether it is for yourself or someone else, that is up to you. I do not need details to offer this energy however I do realize how healing it can be to get stuff energetically out and on paper. So be it! 🙂

2. Your Love Offering

The love offering is up to you.

A Love Offering is an energy exchange. I am only called to do this type of energy exchange for this service ONLY.

I will honor all requests that have followed the simple instructions set forth here.

What could a love offering look like? You can pray for me, my family and my work, hold an intention of light around my work and ask thousands more angels to surround me…you get the picture!  You can include an exchange of monetary energy if that feels right.  It is an expression that feels right to you that you feel good about.

The first date for this Long Distance Reiki Service is December 27th, 2011.

All requests in my P.O. Box that day will receive for that month. We will continue into the New Year and see how it goes!

Much love,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson




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