Day 14 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

Day 14


Song Title: Becoming You

To see the truth is my intention…can’t say I consciously picked it; it just came as I started the music.

I saw quick picture of how insecurities in others can trigger insecurities in ourselves and to see them for what they are, an opportunity to heal what comes up.

We are at choice to react and keep reacting or we are at choice to stop and take care of ourselves.

We are responsible for how we feel.  If we do not like what is happening within our bodies from the reaction we are experiencing we can ask for help from the angelic realm to cleanse and clear the energy, ask to see the truth of the situation and ask for protection by calling in numerous beings of Light and surrounding ourselves with a shield of Light.

Next thing I know is that I drifted for sometime and was recalling being in Yosemite on a camping trip. Seemed like I was there for a while and then I realized I was doing a meditation.

Although I drifted, I see all of it as significant. Not sure in this moment what that significance is, but I do trust it.

As I pause to reflect on anything else to bring forward, I can’t find anything. I feel like I “left” longer than I thought.

All good.

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


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