Day 13 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Awakening

My intention is allowing more of me to awaken.

About 9 minutes into the song I hear, “You can start writing now”.

Ahh, ok!

I continue to listen to the music and remember the initial feeling in my heart space. It feels so expansive and in fact the more I feel into that very expansiveness, the more I become aware of my heart beat.

It feels so intense. Even though I am relaxed, it feels like I have just exercised. It feels excited. And it feels very …well, intense…there are not words to articulate the feelings or this experience as it is beyond a racing heart from physical movement.

It is like the subtlest feeling and yet so intense I feel like I can’t breathe; yet, I can. I almost want it to stop and yet. I am perfectly fine and I want to see what happens.

I see a barbed wire fence, like you would see around a jail yard, I see clippers and the strands of barbed wire are being clipped and this wonderful idea of continuing to cut away the very things we think are protecting us, protecting our hearts.

Keeping our heart space open is foundational to our very well being. There is nothing else that is before this. Because in this we know God, Source, Oneness…we know ourselves.

Better we should keep our heart space open, be and express who we are authentically and allow anything and everyone to fall away from us, to truly let go, than to surround ourselves with falsehood.

When we do not share and reveal who we are, subconsciously we do not trust ourselves. Therefore we often attract that very environment of mistrust to us through our thoughts.

From our subconscious state we cannot believe that others are being honest as well. We present a false self and we assume others are too. Again, this is not conscious.

When we stand before self and others completely honest, completely vulnerable as to how we feel, who we are, what we believe, and what we think, we share our Light.

We say, “Hey this is me, as far as I have come to know my self today”. In this, we allow others to stay or we allow others to go, we are home.

In this state we have a knowing that the people that surround us, get us, see us, hear us and love us. Despite any differences in beliefs or opinions between us they still stand before us, they want to be near us because we are authentic.

Energetically we are saying, “See my light?” and they say, “Yes, I see your light.” In that moment they will see their own beautiful reflection or they won’t.

Either is ok.

This is the magic of an open heart, it allows itself to be real and share. In this, we don’t try to control others or get them to even understand us or believe what we believe or validate our experiences, we just are.

In this we trust. We trust ourselves first and then we begin to trust others, and we begin to trust Divine Order. We trust what we see as light or dark to inspire us to the greatest expression of self.

We see it as such, because we have opened our hearts and allowed. We have felt its expansiveness and we are not afraid to feel what is there. Because what is there is good and true and who we are…it is love, it is you, it is me it is Oneness.


Till tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

7 thoughts on “Day 13 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Wow, what an amazing offering you shared today especially! Thank you, I heard what I needed to hear today. I’m on day four of the beautiful Symbiotic. My first seven days felt like a call… A gentle “wake up”. I’ve felt like I wanted to keep the last few days of my journey to myself.. Not sure why.
    It’s been intense, personal and different than anything I’ve ever experienced, or decided I deserved… I feel such complete trust of the angels and guides that are working with me that it’s almost a surreal feeling. I came to understand tonight ( I was called to meditate a 2nd time today) I’m being cleansed on a cellular or DNA type level by these loving beings. I’m being ….. Um…. re wired… That’s the only way to explain it. I’m releasing old thought patterns… So, what I read from your writing today spoke right to my authentic self… Thank you!
    One thing has me baffled… I keep seeing ‘X’ during this music… Sometimes it turns into various other shapes, but I’m suppose to get something from this and it’s frustrating me that I don’t know what..

  2. Wow, so much here to play with!

    Biggest thing that really stands our for me is the DNA cleanse.

    You are one of many including myself who is picking up on the DNA shift/cleanse.
    In some way doesn’t it just make sense from and evolutionary standpoint that we are shifting…? Evolving?

    I love that you get that and it really again shows how powerful “just listening” to music can be!

    Of course this is not just “any music” It is music for our collective shift in consciousness and I am thrilled to be sharing it and being on the wave with all of you!

    Just keeps getting better!

    Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

    PS I am curious as to the other shapes you are seeing?

    • Thank you for confirming that my DNA shift is being felt and mentioned by others! This validation, although not needed for me to know I’m on the right path, serves as confirmation we are evolving in a positive way. Very cool!

      As for the shapes, they may start our looking like an X, but always turn into angel wings, doves, rainbows, owls, even a screw ( like a Phillips type )… I really am able to just let go with the millions of other pictures and words I am given, but I feel like a child who just isn’t “getting it” with this one…
      Again, thank you for allowing us all reading your blog the gifts of your insights as you reach nearly the halfway point of your own ‘Angelic Recipe’.

  3. Julie,
    Symbols speak especially to the right side of the brain…directly to our intuitive capacities…feels like you are being downloaded with your very own symbols that in time and with practice will become second nature to you as to their meaning.
    For example I have come to know that big land moving trucks vs a dust pan and mini broom speak to the amount of clean up that client needs or is doing in their life…

    Once the symbols or pictures are received and I ask or can feel into them, they nearly always represent the same thing when I see them over and over again…it is like my own language with Spirit that allows for one symbol to represent many words and ideas…spiritual short hand!

    xo Deborah

    • Oh, had to chime back in! Initially, when I read your words, I thought, okay, be open but shoot, I still don’t “get it”… I JUST GOT IT! Whoo Hoo! The “X”.
      “X marks the spot!” When I am questioning or asking for clarification and I am on target, I see the X. It then turns into what I am suppose to follow next: the dove; peace, – the owl; seek further information – the screw; nail it down or hit the nail on the head…rainbow feeling into God’s love and promises… This is crazy cool! I’m so excited!

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