Day 11 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


We are often told, encouraged and educated as we awaken to “Let Go”.

Often initially the problem with this is we don’t know how OR we feel we must re-examine all the “stuff” we need to let go of first. Must we find it and then know what it is first? Can we possibly align with the life we dream of without knowing all the details that are holding us back? 

The great realization is that we can. We do not need to regurgitate every experience we have ever had that may being keeping us stuck in order to let go. 

See below Justin’s journal entry and my continued feedback about letting go and using the  Oneness Becomes You™ music to do so.

To letting go~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin:

Sunday, July 29, 2012 (Labyrinth):

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To release any attachments I may be holding onto (to outcomes, past situations, etc.)

Day 11 Afterward:
This was pretty awesome!

I decided to try something new this time, to see if it would allow the experience to feel deeper. As the music started, I imagined myself surrounded by a bright blue circle of light. I don’t know why I chose blue. Once I had it envisioned, I then imagined a bright white/yellow light coming down from the sky and into my crown chakra. I then imagined the light going inside my head, and eventually passing down through each chakra, down the entire length of my body. This took a few minutes.

After that, I immediately felt something being pulled from me, or as if I was being pulled. The pulling sensation was coming from my chest area. This caused me to quickly remember my intent of letting go! I reveled in the pulling sensation and actually saw a pinkish looking strandy/stringy goop looking substance coming from my body and out into the air. I really don’t know if this was inner eye seeing or my imagination…but I really don’t care which it was either.

After a few minutes of the pulling sensation, I received an explanation…I think half auditory and half knowingly, that the sensation was occurring in my chest area because the attachments were from my heart and they were being removed.

As the pulling sensation started to fade out, I then began to notice that my throat started feeling constricted or swollen. I didn’t give it much thought until I noticed that swallowing even felt a little difficult! That sensation actually prompted my conscious mind to kick in and think back about if I had perhaps eaten something that I may have been allergic to. I quickly knew that wasn’t the case, so I thanked my conscious mind for its concern and set the intent for it to move along.

A couple minutes into the throat sensation, I received a message that because I had spoken so many of the attachments, I had also given them energy. In much the same way that positive affirmations work, I had spoken energy into my attachments which gave them manifestation power. In order for them to be removed, their energy had to be removed. The swollen/constricted throat feeling continued along with the dissipated pulling sensation until the end of the meditation.

When the music began to fade, I felt a “let go” sensation….maybe I even heard “let go”, I can’t quite recall for certain, but my body jerked ever so slightly – a slight jolt perhaps – much like what happens when you awake suddenly from a dream. I just knew that was the sign of the end – that they (the angels?) were done with me.

Deborah’s Feedback:


How brilliant was this session right? This is a perfect example of allowing to let go of energies that do not serve you without “trying to figure it out”. Trust that what you were seeing is your inner vision’s ability to see the energy being removed as requested. 

This is not your imagination…and yes angels and other loving light beings are supporting you as you have requested. 🙂

The more we consistently actively connect in our Oneness the more consistent these experiences become…whether it is the inner vision or inner hearing or the deep knowing or even the jolts of subtle energies within our bodies…

Who wouldn’t want more of that? The beauty of the high frequencies of the music is that allows all of us to access the deeper connections we are all longing for as well as the support we can access at anytime from Source Energy!

Thank you for all your shares!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson 


One thought on “Day 11 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Wow, This was powerful to just read! I was thinking I wanted to supplement my music/meditation practice this afternoon. I love Labyrinth, but I think I will try surrounding myself in color as well as the intent to let go and release. I appreciated the reinforcements that we may feel ‘jolts, hearing and knowing’… Sometimes it’s good to reflect on these reassurances that “it’s working” or we are being given the evidence for our continued growth. I also liked hearing that we don’t have to “figure it all out”, and just by setting the intention, so it is done…. Thank you both for this share.

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