Day 20 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Infinity

My intention for today is what do I need to know for my highest good today!

Before the music started I received the inspiration to give away free “Angelic Recipe’s” on the Gary and Suzanne’s show today, so I will brainstorm with them something to do.

I saw the idea of talking about mentors and people who you hire or choose to guide you. Seeing them as a guide to help you take you were you need and desire to go and not to be your authority.

You are your authority and should you ever feel that something doesn’t match your heart’s desire, it is your responsibility to tune in and ultimately find your answers.

This is our freedom and our responsibility to tune into our own Divinity and to stop making others responsible for our feelings, our jobs, our finances, our illness or whatever we put on someone else.

If something isn’t working within your life, it is your life and you always have the freedom to change location, shift a relationship, intend good health, or simply change your mind or perspective for example. Sometimes easier said than done I realize in the beginning, but possible!

I saw two of my teachers in this scenario that I love dearly and I saw that I had to find my own way with the information given to me. My success or “failure” (not possible really for any of us) is my responsibility.

I had a lot of mildly intense pressure in my head and tingling
during most of the meditation.

Till tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson


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