Day 18 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”



Song Title: Infinity

Again, I am “up in the air” doing my meditation. Perfect, as most of us have lived with the concept that God, Source or whatever name you have for Divinity is somewhere outside of ourselves, somewhere “up there”.

The “up there, “out there” is “in here”. 

Ascension is truly to understand, accept and say “Yes” to your own Divinity.

I sit today to dive deeper into what wants to be revealed through me, as me as an aspect of Divine Light, that is my intention.

Initially I see the words: I AM

I am looking into a body of water and see a single stock of a water plant, like seaweed, swaying back and forth. I sense that that stock represents an individualized expression of the ocean. It is not the ocean, but part of the ocean just as we are part of the Divine.

The swaying is representing the constant influence that grace and love have on us. We are constantly being swayed to see and truly embody the truth of who we are.


This is what I saw and the words were in play:





Then I just felt and saw each individual person on the plane meld into one and felt the expansion of my heart go forth to everyone.

It was not like one of my meditations on the plane, where I was aware of everyone as individuals, but more as the collective, which helped me to go deeper into the inner spaces of me.

I next became aware of my sweet cat Mittens who seemed to barely get over his moodiness about me being gone last week, only to have me leave again today.

Last night and this morning as I got ready he was all over my things and trying to fit his very large body into my shoe!

Remembering this image, I realize I forgot to inform him that I was leaving and who will be with him to care for him and that I will be back.

So, I take the time to do this now…obviously he already got I was leaving, so I showed him the images I needed to give him a clear picture.

I imagine this sounds weird to some, but it really is not any different then letting anyone else we live with and love, know the details of our itinerary.

It really is great way to show the Oneness we all are, and that we can communicate with another being from anywhere we are.

Other than that, I had prophetic images of upcoming events that I will be offering. I love to see these images…as they already are and soon will materialize in this dimension.

I love knowing they are now. We can often forget this, or not know this and only believe of their reality when they actually materialize.

I wonder what is waiting for you to see it as truth and to allow it to manifest through you?

Till tomorrow~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

One thought on “Day 18 Deborah’s Personal “Angelic Recipe”

  1. I loved this post today! As I am learning the art of duel living… Home is 3 hours and 20 minutes to be exact from our ” temporary assignment”, and our cherished pets are carrying the turmoil of this unsatisfactory inconvenience in their very pampered existence (smile) … Well, I stress when I have to leave them even for a couple days… One cat will over eat, the other goes into hiding, the dog just gets depressed… So today when I couldn’t take any with me …. I thought don’t just leave… Explain to them…. I thanked God nobody would hear me, but I just said, Daddy will be home soon, just a few hours…. I’ll see you in a couple days… Now, if you are not a pet lover reading this, I have just discredited my sanity…. Please ignore…. Those who get it will appricieate how much I appricieated your post today Deborah 🙂 This just goes to prove our angels love our pets too and can help us communicate…Right? Anyway, I just let the music speak to my heart, and even though I know my pets are sad, it’s part of the process and I felt apart of the ‘oneness’ (cats, how random?) as you spoke about your cat today as well (validation). It’s a BRILLIENT process and I love how strong I feel internally these days!!!! Huge thanks and Blessings!!!!!! So excited to process how I will pay this forward to my clients in the coming year…. Life is good!!!!

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