Day 19 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


Each of us can develop our own language with spirit. When we are willing, ask questions and pay attention our unique vocabulary and insight with spirit will increase in frequency.  Some of us will interpret certain symbols in the same and others differently. How we figure them out is by asking questions.

Justin’s meditation with Blossoming is a very nice example of this.

Enjoy the signs,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 (Blossoming):
Today I’ll be lying on our bed supported by pillows, listening using my computer and earbuds.

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To receive whatever guidance I may need for my highest good.

Day 19 Afterward:

This was awesome! I again used the technique of surrounding myself with a blue light. I had a hard time visualizing the light for some reason, but I just did what I could and continued. I then imagined a bright light beaming down into my crown chakra. From there, I slowly envisioned the light going downward throughout my entire body.

I had a quick monkey-mind moment where I thought about how since I’ve been notating monkey-mind, it seems to not be very common for me, which is awesome. I then thought about Deborah making these tracks, and wondered if a synthesizer was used.

Then the monkey mind stopped and I told the universe that I was open to communication and was willing to wait for it. After a few moments of enjoying the music, I saw the vision of a small tree growing. I thought for a few moments and then, stumped, asked what I was to learn from the vision.

I received the message that I am like a tree. A tree always expands its roots and keeps a strong base. A tree always grows *up*. Throughout its entire life, it never neglects its base and roots; it adds to them. It expands them. It is always growing. If I am to be successful, I must embrace the qualities of tree.

I was just mentally taking all this in when I saw a vision of a squirrel pouring hot chili powder rub out of a container of some sort. Stumped once again, I asked what I was to learn from this new vision. I received the message that the powder was hot and burned. Trees can also burn. They can burn up, burn down, and burn out. I must be careful in my pursuits to not burn out.

The rest of this meditation was me giving thanks and love for the messages I received. I gave many thanks, and after a few minutes, said “I love you” involuntarily – it just happened completely on its own. This was a new experience for me, which I embraced, and the angels embraced it too by returning the expression both verbally and with the feeling of love.

What a great lesson! I love learning from trees!

Feedback from Deborah:

Oh how I love trees too! Spirit uses the symbolism of trees a lot. 

In such a short time Justin, I have seen you quickly go from wondering what the images and impressions are to asking questions and receiving answers right on the spot. 

The reminder for everyone is that everything is about our relationship to what we are experiencing. With all the wonderful ways spirit expresses itself, we can communicate with each and every type of vibration. Just like a conversation with a dear friend, we would certainly ask questions when we didn’t quite understand something that they said.

This is our spiritual practice and journey. We are to discover the way in which we communicate best with Spirit and in order to do that we ask very specific meaningful questions or what I call clarifying questions. Asking, “What am I to learn from this vision?”, holds a very high vibration in contrast to just wondering what the meaning might be.

I am called to go back to the beginning of your meditation Justin about calling in blue light. It is lovely to surround ourselves with or see beautiful a spectrum of light coming in like a beam into our crown chakra. Our intention is what allows this to happen, even if within our meditation we don’t see it clearly, it is still happening for us. This is important to note for those that doubt because they can’t see “it”. Trust me it is still happening.

This is a perfect example of faith. We are called to trust when we can’t see. An often challenging practice on our journey, but worth the ride for sure.

In your wondering about the music Justin, I was the vessel to hear the “Divine assignment” so in a sense I got to be the producer of the music as well as the processor and now guardian. Mark was the one I asked, directly because of Archangel Ardekiel’s request, to tap into this angels high frequency and channel what was being called forth. A great example of Oneness collaboration!

The deep heart connection that occurred in this meditation created this spontaneous “I love you” love fest. I always find it amazing to say, “Thank you or I love you” and literally see or hear a loving response back often before I even complete the sentence. 

The tree gives us such a great example of the direct proportion of our root system and our growth. This practice you are doing, allows growth above and below. Beautiful.

How fun this meditation is!

To your roots,


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