Day 1 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


Today I had the privilege of being guided to ask a wonderful soul named Justin to share his “Angelic Recipe”and subsequent adventure/ journey with the world. Justin has agreed to share all that he experiences publicly as well as to be coached encouraged and stretched by me as guided intuitively.

I want to thank Justin in advance for his vulnerability and saying a “Sacred Yes to this project. I invite anyone moved by these posts to share your love and encouragement as well as any nuggets you receive for his shares. 

We will post as is and we are not concerned with grammar, punctuation or any of the likes…this is about being raw and in the moment with it all! 

With Love, 

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin~

Thursday, July 19, 2012:

Day 1 of my recipe from Deborah. I’m a bit skeptical about how listening to this music will cause any spiritual change or shift but I’m still very open to the possibility. After all, as a musician myself, I do believe that music is a spiritual experience itself. And as a shamanic practitioner, I’m open to ANY type of spiritual possibility.

That said, I’m writing out where my life is at this point in time, so here goes.

I’m unemployed. I’m trying to work independently as a Personal Trainer in a geographic area where people just don’t value their health and fitness. I do NOT want to go back to “working for the man”. In fact, I’m so dead set against it because I’m enjoying my freedom, that I don’t care if I never work again until I become a psychologist and have my own practice. I hate Corporate America. It took me 10 years of working in it to finally realize that I don’t belong in an office environment, in the midst of corruption, dishonesty, and just plain mean people.

While I’m unhappy with not having any money and relying on my mom and Crystal for pretty much 100% of my financial support, I still do NOT feel eager to go out and get a “job”. “Job” meaning another meaningless, mindless, pointless existence in some building that gives me money every couple weeks. That’s not my higher purpose and doesn’t align with it either, so why should I? To have some money and help with bills? Guess I could, but again, what’s really the point? I’ve had enough of working just to have money. How about working because it’s something I love doing!

I’m studying and planning to take the GRE in the fall and enroll to begin some undergraduate courses in Spring 2012. My intent is to score high enough for admission into Forest Institute, and thus, plan to take the required psychology undergraduate prerequisite courses.

I have only one potential training client lined up, but she needs to obtain two medical releases, so that could take a while. I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to market myself and get some money coming in. My most recent idea is to have some sort of clinic/meeting, where I give out some free stuff and offer a couple free sessions (or something) to the first X people who sign up for a month’s worth of sessions.

I’m also currently VERY focused on spiritual growth, which I guess explains why I’m even doing this in the first place. I have been working on developing my own psychic and intuitive abilities lately, after having some very stunning success with remote viewing. I have 3 books on the way about further developing one’s psychic/intuition and spiritual growth, which I’m very excited to dig into.

I guess that pretty well sums things up right now…

Thursday, July 19, 2012:


My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To form a relationship with a new spiritual guide or archangel, to help me as a mentor, alongside my power animal, the Great Wolf.

Day 1 Afterward:

I either fell asleep and woke up a few times or went in and out of a deep trance. I was half lying/half sitting on Steven’s bed listening to Infinity using my phone and earbuds. I was not wearing my medicine bag. It’s hard to say whether I was sleeping or just in a deep trance, but based on my feelings when doing a shamanic journey, I think I was going in and out of a deep trance state.

I recall sitting in a field with some unknown gray-bearded man and seeing the Great Wolf walking behind him, as if he was going to get something. It was warm and sunny in the field, but not overly hot or humid. All the visuals were VERY clear here – CRYSTAL CLEAR, in fact, and all was in color. The Great Wolf was his usual mostly gray, with some black, and more white colors.

I remember asking the Great Wolf if I could trust this guy, and he said of course, or else he wouldn’t have allowed him into our sacred garden. The man said he was my teacher, and that I could call him “Z” because I saw his name – visually, I saw blue letters which spelled something like “Zieler”…”Z…something i..e..something”, and when he saw I was intimidated at trying to pronounce it, he said I could simply call him “Z”. I remember also telling him that my loyalty was to the Great Wolf…’s like he asked me something and I said that in response, but I cannot remember what it was he asked….I’m pretty sure he asked something though.

The other thing I saw VERY clearly was that I suddenly found myself staring into the dark black, frying pan eyes of what appeared to be some sort of native or Mayan person. This was actually very startling because all of a sudden an unknown face was just inches away from mine. His eyes were round and VERY DARK black. His skin was a dark brown, again, like a typical depiction of a Mayan or ancient Egyptian. His eyes were most stunning to me, so I don’t remember much else. His skin appeared smooth and soft, well taken care of. This was NOT the same man who was in the field with the wolf and I.

Interesting Note: Later this night while lying in bed with Crystal, I had said something and then quickly followed it up with “or…(something else, can’t recall)”, and I quickly said, “Were you thinking that?” She said no, and I responded that I wasn’t sure if I had thought it or if I had gotten it from her thoughts. My quick recognition of this type of thing has NEVER happened before! After this, I just noticed that I felt VERY open spiritually. It was like I actually felt the collective consciousness and could almost reach out and grab anything I wanted to know. It was a very rewarding feeling.

5 thoughts on “Day 1 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Justin,

    So excited to see where all of this goes for you, I love your courage and your leadership here.

    First let me speak to the first portion of where you are in starting the journey.

    The word Freedom really sticks out as this is our soul’s essence. “Hating the Corporate World” stands out as a “red flag for recovery” is what I am being told. Meaning, that you have thrown all into one bucket because of your experience as well as some of the ideas of the collective consciousness you have been educated by along with the rest of us in many ways.

    You are being challenged to free yourself by creating freedom from old thoughts, beliefs and experiences about “the man” and the “corporate world”. Our spiritual journey is about letting go and you are being asked to let go of this.


    Sit with Spirit and ask what do you need to know about this subject for your highest good so that you can create more flow in all areas of your life especially career.

    I already see that your less than fun experiences gave you wonderful contrast to direct you to the desire of working for yourself and opening up to doing something you love for wonderful pay.

    About the word Job~ what if you shifted your idea of that word to:
    B~liss ?

    I love your focus on Spiritual Growth…you are reminded that all of our experiences are expanding us, not just the one’s we like or consciously seek out.

    Ok onto your actual “listening practice”:
    I love how your intention is to open up to a new guide/angel/spiritual mentor and yet one instantly shows up and you are concerned. I love that you questioned. Stellar.
    I could see that although you were open you also felt a betrayal to the Great Wolf.

    You are not betraying this teacher. This energy has been easy for you to connect with and has really been like a spokesperson for the collective energies that have always supported you.

    The angels tell me that the man you saw is “the man in the mirror” you are to focus on the words you wrote, “well taken care of” lean in towards the Eqyptian energy here and ask for more clarity as the days follow about the hints given here as well as in your meditation. What are you to know to bring into this lifetime?

    In regards to the thoughts that came later that evening…I am to share that this musical journey is to help open up and balance all of your ways to communicate in Oneness…notice that your ability to “clearly hear” will increase.

    Well done Justin…tap into our words for you here and see what resonates for you~

    Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

  2. Thank you so much for the valuable insights, Deborah!

    Letting go of my resentment for the corporate world is going to be tough. I had literally the same lessons over and over each time, until this last time when I finally accepted it and said, “Ok, I get it. I won’t do it again.”

    I will defintely be spending time in meditation and journeys asking about this subject. There’s a lot to let go of.

    I LOVE your breakdown of the word “job”. It doesn’t make the idea of working for someone else any more desirable, but it does help create a conscious shift of my feelings. It’s small, but it’s there.

    Your comment about the wolf reminds me of a shamanic journey I was on a couple months ago. The wolf told me that he was a direct connection to God. I think he was trying to tell me – as you did – that there were actually many guides working through him, but I didn’t really understand it at the time, because it wasn’t said in exactly that way.

    I definitely have some work cut out for me, but I’m also excited about it. I want to help people heal in the future and in order to do that, I need to be very spiritually developed and have my intuition honed…which is what this is all about!

    Love to you!

    • Justin,

      One of the most important things we can notice is the words we use. I enjoy challenging myself as well as others to notice words and collections of words we use because they are energetic in nature and they are creating our “reality”.

      What if it wasn’t tough to let go of your resentment? What if what you perceive to be a lot to let go of isn’t really a lot at all? AND What if it could dissolve quickly?

      The angelic realm does show me that even when we are working for ourselves, we are still working for others. Of course it isn’t exactly the same as needing to clock in and being given instructions from a boss we work for, but in truth being of service to others and to the collective good, we still have the choice to ” take orders” which is my silly way of saying that we still will be given ideas and instructions from the highest aspect of self within the collective Oneness (call it God, Source, Spirit, angelic realm etc.) to do things, be more authentic and share from places that can often be uncomfortable as we stretch and grow.

      Not always easy, but worth it for sure.

      You will always be expanding your spiritual development and honing your intuitive capacities. So it is important to trust you have what you need in the moment to teach those that you attract on your journey which come both as students to us as well as our teachers.

      Opening up to more of you is the most exciting work you will ever do and the angels celebrate you.


      Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

  3. Justin,
    I understand your desire to avoid all the j-o-b/corporate/the man negativity. What came to mind/heart was for me to share this-look for some corporations that are doing GOOD in this world-like Tom’s Shoes. My husband is a Libra and gets very agitated when things are not in balance. Maybe finding evidence of good companies will help balance how you feel about your past experiences. Thank you for sharing here with the Oneness family. We applaud your dedication to growth! ULA

  4. Thank you for the input, Wendy!

    How ironic! I am also a Libra, and have the same agitation when I feel a lack of proper balance. That’s some good advice; I’ll look more into good companies to seek balance. As obvious as it may seem now, I actually hadn’t thought about that!

    Thanks again,

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