Mother’s Day ~ A Higher Perspective

As I woke up this morning I wished myself a Happy Mother’s Day.

As I began to feed the dogs and cats and  put away a few things in the kitchen, I began to receive impressions of how this day is so beautiful for many and for others it can also be painful. If you know anything about what I love to share with the world, how we see today, how we react to today, is our choice.

So yes, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day and yet, let’s go beyond the mere commercial opportunities and let’s go beyond any loss some may be feeling today and let’s go beyond any expectations about the day or even about motherhood itself.

Why would we do this?

Why would I be stirred to share the thoughts and impressions and hits I received today?

Because as we do so, as we open up and allow ourselves to see new ideas, perspectives and opportunities, we become more flexible in our thoughts and we open our hearts. We heal the illusion of separation and deepen our understanding of our collective connection. We make a choice to not suffer and to step into freedom.

Today, as I go about in the world, I will quietly acknowledge  everyone on this day. I will celebrate the beauty of what we all have in common. We all came through the beautiful vessel of a woman’s body and we call her mother. This aspect that can remind us of our Oneness and supports our spiritual growth.

Today, I celebrate that the vessel we call woman. I delight in the amazing miracle of the human body in which you and I came through. What a miraculous experience that we came through another human being as our souls incarnated into this experience of humanness.

Today, I also honor that within every soul’s experience we have the ability to mother other souls and support their expansion.

It doesn’t matter if you are experiencing this life as male or female. We all have the aspect, the archetype of mother within us. This beauty allows us to do in our unique way what Mother Teresa did in hers.

In 1979 Mother Teresa received the Noble Peace Prize for bringing new hope to the future of mankind through her ability to see the sacredness in every person.

Today we can chose a higher perspective opening and activating within us the ability to see the sacredness in every person.

Happy Mother’s Day~

One thought on “Mother’s Day ~ A Higher Perspective

  1. So beautifully shared…so much came through to me from your words…thank you Atianne. No separation…simply love.

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