Day 13 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


I am in love with this experience of Justin’s 13 day as I could expand upon all of it in so many teaching ways. One thing I will say before giving my feedback is that we cannot simply give without receiving and we cannot receive without giving to another. See my feedback after Justin’s journey.

To your awakening, 

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 (Awakening):
This meditation is all about love, gratitude, and being thankful.

Deborah had mentioned how some people would be extremely grateful for even the tiny morsels of guidance I receive. In considering that statement, I felt the need to set aside a meditation specifically to give thanks.

Initially, I had planned on making this “meditation of gratitude” an additional meditation for the day. But suddenly I had – or was given – the thought of “how much more powerful and symbolic would it be, if instead of seeking divination for myself, I instead spent my entire meditation for the day giving back to Spirit and the universe in the form of love and thanks?”

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To give thanks, love, appreciation, and gratitude to Spirit and the universe in return for always supporting me, loving me, and providing me with valuable insights.

Day 13 Afterward:

This was an awesome meditation! As I put forth love, light, and gratitude to Spirit, the universe, my spiritual guides and archangels, I felt deeply relaxed. It was my turn to give instead of receive, and I enjoyed it.

I felt the stillness of the universe as it readily accepted my offerings. What an awesome example of how to receive – just be still, yet illuminate gratitude. As a human, I’m not sure if I can “illuminate” gratitude – meaning show it without words or deeds. Hmm…but I do have a spirit as well, so my spirit must also be every bit as capable. Hmm, I’ll have to explore that more another time.

After several minutes had passed I saw something similar to an image of the United States, with yellow lights in the form of dots. I then heard…well I don’t know if I heard or intuited…but I received a message saying that the lights were people who needed love. They were ALL OVER; very dense.

I then received a message that explained that some people were simply lonely, others were grieving, and still others were struggling with their own journeys or hurting for some other reason. The vast need of love really shook my mind. I knew it existed, but seeing the magnitude depicted in this way really made it hit home.

Then, I’m not sure if it was monkey-mind or what, but I pulled back and reminded myself and mentally told the universe that this was my time to give and not receive. Of course, I also expressed great gratitude for the gift of this vision and realization – especially for receiving it at a time when I simply wanted to give.

Shortly before the meditation ended, I saw two large cupped hands, white as marble, and cupped as if they were about to hold some water. I knew this was the universe/spirit’s way of showing that it was accepting my offerings. As I write this, I suddenly feel emotional about the experience. What a great experience it was.

As I look at the date again in my journal, it occurs to me for the second time that today is the 13th, which is what I consider to be a lucky number for me.

Deborah’s Feedback:


Although I am not big Bible quoter, I am big on receiving from Spirit what wants to come through and sharing it. Often the words within the Bible have been changed and often the words are taking too literally without opening up to the deeper meaning or revelation.

As I read throughout your experience, what I hear is a reference to a portion or Matthew that goes something like this:

~Whoever has will be given more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.~

The heart essence of this is based on Spiritual Principle. Whatever we focus our attention on, more of that vibrational energy and thus manifestations will come.  So, when we are grateful about anything and use gratitude and thanksgiving as a daily practice we will manifest in our lives more to be grateful for. The reverse is also just as true, in that when our focus in consistently on lack and limitation we will cause our vibration to effect the result of more lack and limitation in our life.

There is no outside force taking away or giving to us, we are an individualized expression of the Oneness vibration and we are the driving force of our co-creation with ALL that is.

As you were giving you instantly created a giving back to you. It really is that simple.

The fact that you were listening to Awakening is perfect as this piece can break down the barriers that we have that limit our receptivity and awaken us to all that we can create within our lives as well as create a very open heart space for compassion for where other people are on their journey.

One of the best spiritual practice is to be in gratitude and thanksgiving for all we have right NOW. This creates abundance and prosperity.

A final share is that part of our intuitive capacities is hearing words…clairaudience and knowing something instantaneously…claircognizance…just trust what you get.

Congrats Justin~

WIth a grateful heart,

Deborah “Atianne” WIlson


2 thoughts on “Day 13 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. Thank you, Deborah!

    It’s ironic – wait – not ironic, but synchronicity – that this day’s meditation has been posted now. Why? Because it’s been several weeks since I’ve done a meditation of giving thanks. Well, now I know what today’s meditation will be!

    I love the quote you were reminded of. It also reminds me that I have realized some things which I need to release because I’m no longer in vibrational alignment with them. Now is the time!

    I’m very thankful for your interpretation and insights! Thank you! You help in many ways which you may not even realize.

    Many blessings,

    • Justin,

      Perfect right? I had hoped to keep the posts up to date and yet am loving the flow and synchronistic events that happen when we don’t force…

      Here is to thankfulness!

      Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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