Day ~ 6 Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”


Often the messages from Spirit are concise and simple…Here are some from Justin’s Journey…

To Love, 

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 (Awakening):

Today I sat on our bed, propped up by pillows, no medicine bag, and listening through earbuds using my phone.

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To receive whatever I need to know right now.

Day 6 Afterward:

Seemingly uneventful, I did feel as if I were a star in the night sky. I felt tiny and the vastness of the universe surrounding me, yet I also felt that I belonged and was right where I was supposed to be. The only other thing I got today were the words “Worked”, and “Forced”. They were red and looked as if they were on fire.

Deborah’s Feedback:


I use the word seemingly all the time so I am loving seeing it here. Seemingly uneventful…what does that mean to you?

Do you feel got the message here?

If I asked you to clearly state what the Universe was wanting to convey to you what would it be? Finish this sentence if you choose…“What love wanted to tell me in this meditation is that….

I will look forward to your comments…onwards and upwards!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

2 thoughts on “Day ~ 6 Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. “Seemingly uneventful”…I’m grateful that you’ve asked me to think about this…

    After giving it some consideration, what it means to me here is that it reveals a conflict between ego and spirit within myself. Meaning that the ego – my ego – insists that not much happened, because a large amount of information was not received in the ego’s preferred form (visual), while spirit is able to shine through and get the ego to step aside just enough to reveal that it DID get the messages within the meditation, and that it was NOT at all uneventful.

    I see now that on a spiritual level, I DID get the message…

    What love wanted to tell me in this meditation is to remind me that I am part of an extremely large whole. It was a reminder of oneness, and that all of life is connected. I think this was also a reminder for my ego of just how small it is in the vastness of the universe. Also, Spirit was letting me know that I’m exactly where I need to be right now – that explains the feeling of belonging.

    Regarding the words I saw, I think this was a message that I was trying to force things. I think the fire was symbolic of how I shouldn’t push things and try to force more to happen; almost like a warning.

    Gratitude and love!

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