Day ~ 5 Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”



Uneventful or not? See for yourself as we continue our journey with Justin and is wonderful share during the next month~

My reflections for Justin follow his post.

To the Journey, Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

From Justin:

Monday, July 23, 2012 (Infinity, Day 5):

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To learn what I need to know to get on the path to financial success. (I have been stressed/worried over money today).

In hopes of having a more visual experience, I am doing today’s meditation while lying on Steven’s bed, propped up by pillows, listening on my phone through earbuds.

Day 5 Afterward:

Today at first I couldn’t get my brain to SHUT UP and just “be”. When I finally managed to, I eventually felt a connection with spirit, which made me feel very comfortable. I also felt VERY relaxed as well. I didn’t see much again. I saw what looked like a manhole or something similar (with no cover), and the muscular arm raising once again. Before that though, I again intuited? the word “Press”.

Again, this didn’t make much sense and doesn’t seem real eventful, but I trust that it’s exactly what I needed.

Deborah’s Feedback:

Justin, It makes perfect sense that your monkey mind would be in it’s full glory because of your worry about money…it is like we are creating cobwebs in our brain and those cobwebs would need to be swept out first so that you can relax and get relief from your worry. 

This is exactly what the music can do for all of us and it will have an accumulative effect the more you engage and sit in it or even listen to it as back ground during the day.

Your work/play is to bring relief and states of relaxation to yourself so that you can be in a state of allowing all you want to flow to you. I invite you next time to make friends with the monkey mind thoughts and even begin to write all of what happens for you not just the things you think are worthy. 

I might say ‘Hello, Monkey Mind!~What is it you need to feel safe? What are you wanting to protect me from?” Great questions to play with…BTW anytime we are trying to get rid of something rather than invite what is wanting to be experienced, we just bring more of what it. 

Welcome it all more and more and you will see smooth sailing ahead is what I hear for you.

Here is to allowing it all~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

2 thoughts on “Day ~ 5 Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. You know, that’s a really good comment about the monkey-mind being in full effect. I’ve been doing much better lately with accepting the chatter instead of trying to shut it off. Even just a simple, “Thank you…” seems to help. It’s like you just have to satisfy the conscious mind (driven by ego?) – even if for just a second – and then it will be happy to settle down.

    I will start tracking the monkey-mind chatter as well. It will be very interesting to look back at in the future. No telling what other insights I mean glean from it as well. I guess everything really does have a purpose and place.

    Gratitude and love!

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