Day 3 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

I am “Christmas Excited” to continue to witness Justin’s evolution and blossoming with the Oneness Becomes You™ music…we continue with day 3 and my hits for Justin at the end of his entry. 

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

Saturday, July 21, 2012 (Infinity, Day 3):

My written intent before starting (written on my whiteboard): To experience whatever will help me at this time to achieve my highest good.

Day 3 Afterward:

Today I was sitting on our bed, propped up by pillows, listening through earbuds and using my phone. I did not have my medicine bag on.

I listened twice today because the first time I was having problems clearing my mind and putting the chatter and thinking to sleep.

First time:
Saw the word “Worth” in dull gold letters.
Saw the word “People” in a dark blue. This wasn’t real clear, but I’m pretty sure this is the right word.

The rest of this was pretty uneventful, but I did feel very relaxed.

Second time:
I frequently felt like my body was floating, and still very relaxed.

I saw a child, probably no older than 3, in a yard with green grass, being lifted up by an adult who was sitting in a chair. The adult was lifting the child into the chair.

I felt myself dropping slowly down a long tunnel. At the bottom it opened into a big roundish open area, like a mine or something. I just looked around and asked what there was for me here, followed by how could I serve from here. A while later I had a vision of a miner running out…though I was watching from a distance, I was no longer in that big open cave. It wasn’t a big scene, either; it was pretty much just a miner running out, the focus was totally on the miner. No scenery, etc.

I also repeatedly saw some sort of thin, yellow crescent. Like a half moon, only VERY narrow, hardly any thickness, and concave, like looking at the profile of a spoon.

I also saw a profile of a man’s large, muscular arm. It moved up, as if he were drinking something, although there was no hand visible. Just a big muscular arm.

I can’t really make sense of these images. I’m a bit lost on how to interpret today’s experience. It just seems like very random images to me.

Interesting Note:

I felt very “open” spiritually throughout the second time. Also, thinking about my mom paying me for training, I asked her about possibly mowing her lawn and doing a few other chores for some pay, which she very much welcomed the idea of. Monday we are going to talk about the details.

Deborah’s Feedback:


Let’s start with the first listen. The words you saw were very significant for you and the rest of the world. The hurdle all PEOPLE must overcome to lift the veil of separation is in understanding who they really are and in that their WORTH.

Even the colors show are important…each having a different vibration and even the the word WORTH was in gold it was dull. When we stand in the vibration of our worthiness it will be even shinier…most people do not understand their worth and I see the blue as representing that.

Onto the second listen:

So juicy!

The child is you. On one hand you are being shown that like the age of a child at three, most are still clear on who they are and are seeing beyond the veil and are in a higher vibration-still lifted up. You are also being shown that you are lifting yourself back into that higher vibration of again knowing who you are.

Going down in the mine (we could actually read this as mind)  is your human experience and shift in vibration. You then say, “I just looked around and asked what there was for me here, followed by how could I serve from here.” What I love is that you see yourself as the person in the tunnel and then the language shifts to “the Miner” once you have asked the question.

You are being shown what you are/will be doing- running out of the cave. Notice you are running which shows how much you want to get there quickly. What you need to know is that you must journey out of the mine (mind) and into the light and this is where you serve yourself as well as others.

As I tap into the half moon image I see the side view of a human eye…it is telling me that if we only allow our eyes to “see” we will only see a sliver of the whole truth of our experience. A VERY NARROW view indeed right?

Since you are a trainer this image of the man’s arm is perfect. It shows here the strength in flexing our spiritual muscles and drinking in the truth as we “spiritually discipline and train ourselves”.

When we you are not sure about the symbols and imagery given, ask questions of spirit. Let God and the angels know you are not yet familiar with the language and to elaborate for you. Keep asking until you feel that you have “got it”. Often the ‘ah ha’ will even come later as we are re-shown images from our meditation in our every day life.

Very wonderful indeed…the great stuff is that even though in the moment it may not make sense within our human mind, our soul gets it!

Much love,

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

2 thoughts on “Day 3 ~ Justin’s Oneness Becomes You™ “Angelic Recipe”

  1. You know, it never even crossed my mind that the child I saw was a representation of me. That’s very interesting to think about, and I think you’re right about coming back into deeper knowing of who I am.

    I love the connection with “mine” and “mind”! Another wonderful insight that I think is very valuable! I do love studying the mind and forms of consciousness, and exploring my mind as well. Again, I didn’t make the connection that this was all a representation of me…or my mind, anyhow.

    I’m working on becoming more persistent with asking questions about what images or words may mean for me. Sometimes I receive an answer and other times I don’t, but I guess that’s where the importance of persistence comes into play.

    Thanks and love!

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